Mom Gives Birth in MRI Machine for Sake of Science (VIDEO)

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MRI birthI'm not one of those moms who believes there's a "best" way to give birth. As long as the baby is here and healthy, who cares if she came into the world in a pool in your living room or with the help of a doctor and some drugs. But ladies, I think we can all come together and agree that the mother who gave birth inside an MRI machine so someone could catch the baby in action is one hardcore mama!

In case you have never been inside one of the machines that's given us the first-ever movie of a child being born with a view from the INSIDE of its mother (which we have for you after the jump!), let me just paint this picture for you. They're loud. They're tiny. And while the magnets do their work, the technicians tend to yell at you to "keep still" a lot.

And here your best friend kvetched the whole time because the hospital pillow was lumpy! Wuss!

OK, so the German woman who did this way back in 2010 (the announcement was made then, but the video has just recently been released) at Berlin's Charite Hospital got a bit of a break -- they built a special "open" MRI machine so she wouldn't have to deal with the claustrophobic environs of a typical machine. But she had to have cameras pretty close to her ladyparts take pictures that were released to media around the world. And now the birth of her child has become a spectacle for all of us to ogle at.

And ogle we shall, because frankly, this video is amazing! Check it out:

I'll hand it to this mom not just for her bravery in going through birth this way, but this movie could help other mothers and their babies in the long run. Just think what scientists now know about birth from this mom's sacrifice alone!

Be honest: what would it take to get you to give birth inside an MRI machine?


Image via New Scientist

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Connie Ott

It's take LOTS o'money and a guarantee that it's not harming the baby. I think 50K would be my bottom line.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

No freakin way!  That cannot be healthy for a newborn!!  Just the noise itself has got to be imprinted in the newborn's memory and I cannot begin to imagine the damage to the newborn's emotional well being.

Kritika Kritika

I don't know how loud those machines are because I've never, thankfully, had an MRI. But I assume if they were able to modify the machine to make it "open" then maybe there were also able to modify the noise level?

nonmember avatar HS

I've never had an MRI before either but how exactly would that birth experience damage a newborn's well being? I'm sure even a home birth is loud as hell to a baby that's been inside a person for 9 months. Everything is brand spanking new and scary as hell and pretty much all babies freak out the same way when born. I thought it was a pretty awesome video and I certainly hope mom gets a free copy :)

Naomi Guiney

omg i would not been able to do this i was about to freak out when i had one done on my wrist and i wasnt comepletely in the machine

noneya79 noneya79

if I could give birth vaginally, it would take a LOT of money for me to do it in an MRI machine! LOL!

nonmember avatar vancitymom

Wow thats can really see the power of the contractions and pushing. Crazy!

Anna Potts

i would do it for free you selfish women! and baby's saftey get over yourself women would give birth in war time or even when were just nomads do you think that life stopped and they made a quiet place just for the mom no she barred down and had her kid and life had to go on!

Susie19 Susie19

Wow that's a cool video..MRIs are horrible though, once I was in one of those things for almost 6 hours straight and I've been crazy claustrophobic since then.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

This is disgusting. I don't care how much you love science, you should love your baby more. MRI, CT scans have been totally PROVED to cause harm to pregnant women, and their babies. Maybe not 100 percent of the time, but still. How can you take that risk? 50,000 and your baby might have some sort of brain/mental/physical issue in the future. Yeah, what a great mom.

What kind of doctor would advise this? How would knowingly do this to a pregnant woman?  Gee.

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