Ben Affleck Wants You to Breastfeed

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ben affleckBen Affleck comes to mind when you think of really good looking Hollywood dads who are involved with their kids and have a happy marriage with their wife. Hard to think of many that fit that description, but Ben "he's so mind-blowingly sexy and shows off all his talents in The Town" Affleck does.

And it just so happens that this man who gets better with age has your best interests in mind ... or really, your child's. Heck, the children of the world. OH YES! Ben is THAT special. THAT involved. He's a part of this initiative to make sure all kids across the globe make it to their 5th birthday. And he wants moms to breastfeed more.

Affleck and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hobnobbed together last week at Child Survival Call to Action, a conference to do something to end child mortality hosted by the good ol' U.S. of A., Ethiopia, India, and UNICEF. Ben himself called the rates of children dying before reaching age 5 "abhorrent" and "unacceptable" and one of the initiatives he is behind is increasing breastfeeding rates, along with better healthcare for children and vaccines, particularly in nations where disease is rampant and claiming far too many lives.

Affleck has even founded an organization called the Eastern Congo Initiative, which helps the communities there -- educating and empowering -- to reduce the child death rates. Yep. He's a dad. He cares. He uses the power of his celebrity for good. How NOT scandalous. Which is why we don't hear about things like this with all the bells and whistles a tidbit on Snooki may get. Or Lindsay Lohan. But it's why I like it all the more.

Ben's wife Jennifer Garner and mama to three kids is a huge breastfeeding advocate, so I love how he's trying to help all kids all over the world get a good start, a real start in life in some of these places -- particularly in nations that do not have access to clean water. How can they even make formula there?!. That's when and where we need good breastfeeding support and education. This isn't formula versus breast milk -- in fact Jennifer herself has said how moms should support each other and not tear each other down, and how we're all doing the best we can. This really is all about doing the best we can for others. Helping them. And Ben wants to help. Ben IS helping.

Now if he starts hosting La Leche League type of meetings, I'll definitely be there. And that might get more headlines, too. Oh Ben! You are such a great man, great dad ... and great child advocate. Kudos!

What do you think of Ben's efforts? Should celebrities speak out more on these important issues? Don't you think MORE media outlets should share the good work of celebs and not just the gossip?


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the4m... the4mutts

I don't feel that celebs are somehow more obligated due to their status, or income, to be champions for a cause. I DO believe that the entire worlds population has equal obligation to make the world a better place.

That being said, of COURSE what he does is fantastic! Not everyone can afford to put money to a cause, and not everyone has the celeb status that inevitably draws attention to their cause. Its great when people "use their powers for good"

Courtney Puzzo

@The4Mutts you would be wrong on that. the well off are required by their status to give to the less fortunate. though when it comes to breastfeeding not all mothers can or want to and shouldn't be chastised for their choice

nonmember avatar Cee

I hate how a celebrities point of view on parenting influences mothers pitted against each other in mommy wars. "You seeee, he likes breastfeeding!" I think moms are stupidly hormonal to mindlessly love celebrities just because they say anything about parenting.

the4m... the4mutts

Don't be stupid. Nobody owes their paycheck or their time to anyone else. Its human compassion that motivates, not requirement.

They earned their money, and can BURN it if they want. They don't owe anything to anyone.

lizma... lizmartinez

@the4mutts, totally agree with you! Also, celebrities have an advantage that most of us don't. They have a platform to support and recruit (to others) causes. We all owe each other something, celebrities no more than "regular people". I couldn't have said it better, "it's human compassion that motivates, not requirement."

Good job, Ben Affleck!

nonmember avatar JenW

I don't think that his program is trying to chastise anyone. This is not about nutrition in the US but more in countries of famine and disease, educating mothers that may not have all the info that we have available to us. Agreed some women just can't and formula is available. But don't you think that mothers over in a 3rd world country could benefit from some education on the a solution to nurish their starving children? Way to use his status for good! Keep up the great work!

Kimberley Fernandez-Doula

I think when a celebrity highlights breastfeeding it may not change women with children now or women who are pregnant, but maybe it will highlight for the young women and girls of the world who may one day have a child, that maybe breastfeeding isn't as scary or yucky or disgusting the way much of society in Canada and the US see it. We shouldn't shame those that have opted not to but we should at least encourage those that may have children in the future to try and give them the support to be successful. Then maybe breastfeeding rates will rise, infant mortality will decrease and incidences of reproductive cancers in women will drop and the list of benefits goes on.
I'm happy that Ben Affleck has seen the benefits and beauty of breastfeeding and I'm happy he's telling the world. Maybe that will mean just one more baby is breastfed and that is a win win all around.

butte... butterflyfreak

I love you, the4mutts! Couldn't have said it better myself.

And I would like to say, I would rather hear about ANY celebrity doing something to help the world, in any small or big way, than hear about the stupid stunts that pseudo-celebrities like the Kardashians and Snooki are doing, just to get media time.

Derek Hil

It's good to see from this article that the many people of hollywood are live their life by don't see there breastfeed problem in their wife.


Derek Hil

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