Baby Stolen Out of Driveway While Mom Unloads Groceries

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car temperatureSometimes it feels like being a mom means fighting a battle you just can't win. Take the Pennsylvania mom whose baby was sitting inside her vehicle in their own driveway when she got carjacked! Living smack dab in the middle of the region that got hit with a heat wave, leaving your 1-year-old in the comfort of the air-conditioning should have been the safe bet.

These are the darned if you do, darned if you don't moments that make parenting so hard. The good news here is the jerk who took off with Jennifer Ramirez' car must have realized baby Nariya was in the backseat and gotten scared.

The carjacker abandoned the car and the baby a few miles away, and the mom who had been unloading groceries from the vehicle when the whole thing went down was reunited with her little girl in less than an hour. But here's betting she will never leave the car running with her daughter inside again.

It's a sad commentary on the state of our society when you can't leave your car running in your own driveway. But this is a perfect example of the parenting Catch 22 I'm talking about.

You sit there reading all these awful stories about kids dying because they were left in hot cars -- accidentally or on purpose. And then when a mom does the exact opposite, specifically putting her baby in the coolest spot in the heat wave because she's thinking that's the smart thing to do, it still ends up hurting her family.

I've been lucky: none of the Murphy's Law moments of parenting so far have hit me like this poor mom. But that doesn't mean I haven't fallen victim to them too. We all have.

Think about that time you were "right there" when the toddling baby fell and bumped her head. You thought "being there" was enough, right? I could go on and on with this list. I am not a big "leave the car running with kids in it" person because of all the risks and the horror stories. But in your own driveway? I've done it. Now, probably not.

Have you left your child in the air conditioning in your own driveway? What has been your biggest darned if you do/darned if you don't moment?


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Desir... Desireesmom2011

Omg that must have been so scary for that hour she didn't know were he daughter was or who had her. This article really scares me because just yesterday I went out with my daughter and I realized I forgot to make her a bottle for the drive. When we got to the house I though I would just leave her in the car I will only be a minute. But halfway to the door I turned around and Brought my baby in the house instead. I don't know what made me change my mind yesterday but because of this story I think I will always bring her with me just in case something does happen even in my own driveway. 


the4m... the4mutts

I haven't personally done this. But I don't fault her for doing so. This wasn't negligence IMO. It was her own driveway, with the AC on. Poor woman! I'm glad everything turned out well for them!

Jscot... Jscott1216

Why didn't she bring her daughter into the house before she started u loading groceries? Even if it was her own driveway she should have brought her daughter in first. I always put my kids in the house before I unload my groceries. Granted we have an attached garage but even at my last house where the garage was behind our house I sent them inside first.

the4m... the4mutts

Jscott- it happens. I've never done it, but a LOT of people do. Its your own driveway, in a safe neighborhood, car's running, etc.

Imagine how many people do this, with no negative experiences. Because we have technology is the only reason we even heard about this particular instance. We don't hear "1 millionth mom to leave her kid in the driveway, and nothing happened!"


Sorry, not laughing at you, when I typed that, in my head I read it in an announcers voice, and it sounded really funny to me.

nonmember avatar Lord K

I agree, you're supposed to feel safe in your own home. If she's like many families, she probably turned down the cooling in the house before she left to save electricity costs and was waiting for the home to cool a little before bringing the kid in. She didn't leave her daughter in the car while doing something lame like playing a facebook game, just decided she was going to bring her in last so she could enjoy the A/C. I wouldn't even classify this as a mistake because most people just don't expect to be carjacked in their own driveway (unless of course they live in really bad neighborhoods).

Elise48 Elise48

Since her only alternative was to leave a 1 year old unsupervised in the house I completely understand why she did this. A child that age could get into so much trouble in the short time it takes to run out to the car and grab the groceries. If you don't have someone helping you there is no perfect solution to this problem - I always hated being in this situation and am so glad my kid is old enough now I don't have to worry about it any more. I'm glad this story had a happy ending.

dearg76 dearg76

JScott I have done it as well. We have 3 large dogs in the house and no attached garage-and no yard. Just last week I left my daughter in the car with the backseat door open and car running with air on so I could run inside and put the very heavy bags of groc down (probably won't again after this horrible story). Sometimes you do what you have to. 2 of our dogs Loves my LO but one of them I don't trust him at all with her, her growls at her when my husband isn't around. Just FYI we are working on getting rid of him bc of the growling and he snapped at her just 3 nights ago, so its now he HAS to go! 

lisas... lisasuel1

4mutts: you are awesome.  I read that in announcer voice also :).  I was just coming down here to comment that it was nice to read an article where not only were the kid and mom safe, but nobody was attacking the mom with their self righteous crap.  It gives me hope for humanity that nobody is down here screaming for her blood or her kids to be taken away. 

Barbie Conigliaro

I have done this soooo many times I couldn't even count. I live in Texas where the heat can get unbearable. I had 3 babies all 1 year apart. I thought leaving a baby and 1 yr. old and 2 yr. old in the house unsupervised was worse than leaving them in the car with AC cranked up on high while I unloaded the groceries to the table. I was always afraid one of the older ones would accidentally hurt the baby or get hurt worse themselves. I totally understand this story and feel for her. It is now illegal to leave any aged child under 12 in a car with it running here anywhere even in your own driveway.

Sandra Wayner

JScott: I also have done it as well, so this mom isnt the only one that has left their kid in the car while thay had to run something into the house or had to run in the house because we forgot something. Im just glad that nothing happend to the little girl and she is home and safe.

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