Adorable Baby Rap Star Makes Musical Debut With 'Milk in My Sippy Cup' (VIDEO)

milk in my sippy cup kidThere's an unspoken rule among parents: if you like someone, you don't buy their kid a noisy toy. But it may be time to change all that. Start to appreciate that racket, and your baby could be the next hip hop star! Don't laugh! A set of parents who actually took the time to notice their little boy's musical, um, abilities now have a verified hit with "Milk in My Sippy Cup"!

Their video reminds me a lot of that "beatboxing baby" we saw awhile back. It's another set of savvy parents who have figured out how to take the noises of childhood and splice them together to turn what most of us would consider ear-piercing into something rather catchy and fun. Here, you be the judge:


See how they managed to turn something so many of us would purposely tune out into an ode to childhood of sorts? Kind of makes me embarrassed that I "forget" to change the batteries on the toy trucks (but it's so much more convenient that way!).

I am not suggesting we all go out and buy our kids drum sets, or even do the ol' oatmeal tub and a wooden spoon thing with the kids. With my video editing "expertise," the noises I captured wouldn't come anywhere near the quality of "Milk in My Sippy Cup." But it's a sweet little reminder that they're not pounding on that toy xylophone just to drive us nuts, right? Eh, I'll raise a glass of milk to that!

What's your rule about noisy toys? Love 'em or leave 'em?


Image via waxandherbalt/YouTube

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