Hilary Duff's Cigarette Is a Classic New Mom Mistake

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Hilary Duff smokingPoor Hilary Duff. The new mom got a rare night out with her husband Mike Comrie at Rock N Reilly's Pub in West Hollywood, and the paparazzi was there to document her naughty mama moment. Turns out baby Luca's mom hasn't given up on her cigarette habit.

Eek. That doesn't exactly scream "mama has got it together," does it?

Hold up, I am not calling Hilary a bad mom. Her son was nowhere around when she lit up her cancer stick. But what she has done is a pretty common "new mom mistake."

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Moms figure that on their off hours, they can smoke. Makes sense, right? No baby around to suck in secondhand smoke. No baby around to see mommy doing something naughty and ape it. I don't fault her. Because this IS a common new mom mistake, and the science that tells us it's a mistake at all is new too.

But I'm still going to burst her bubble. Even without your baby in the vicinity, smoking is bad for baby. Ever heard of thirdhand smoke? It's new. But it's also real. And it's scary. Scientists say the carcinogens in cigarette smoke actually follow you from your grand night out without the baby back home to snuggle time. Even if you're a fab celeb like Hilary Duff, you can't escape it because it can settle in your clothes and cling to your body.

Kids don't have to be right there sucking in the fumes of your ciggy to get sick. The stuff that sticks to your apparel and wafts out of your hair is toxic enough. the exact effects are still being studied, but they say it's not good.

Here's hoping a little education is enough to make this mama kick the habit for good.

How about you? Do you smoke when the baby isn't around?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Big deal. She wasn't our driving drunk, robbing banks or raping small children. Really people!! They're not illegal. 

the4m... the4mutts

Yep. I smoke when my kids aren't home. Know what else I do? Wash my hands. And do laundry. And take a shower.

Oh, and I do those things every single day. Imgine that! People shower and change their clothes! What a concept.

CPN322 CPN322

I'm willing to bet she washes up and changes her cloths when she gets home before she sees her baby. When I smoked, I did that and I don't have kids yet. He's probably asleep when she gets home anyways.

nonmember avatar Lilianne

Smoking is terrible habit, new mom or not. She needs to quit for her sake and her baby's.

nonmember avatar jen

Kudos to you, Jeanne, for calling Hilary out on smoking. Although smoking is not illegal, the negative health consequences linked with smoking and secondhand smoke are well documented. It still blows my mind that people smoke around their children and think it is okay. Kudos to you for taking a stand against moms smoking. It's not judgmental; it's being smart and helping protect kids.

fave82 fave82

Good god. Smoking isn't illegal and im sick of people acting like its the worst thing going on in the world.

Sabri... Sabrinamama4806

seriously people?! stfu.. it is not like she is smoking while pregnant! I never smoked pregnant, excluding the time I didn't now, I smoke now. She is breastfeeding as am I. the chemicals does not get in the milk, i wish it did because then maybe i would quit. But i pretty much always make sure to wash off before going near my kids. Leave her alone ! 

kewee... keweesmama



big flippin deal.

nonmember avatar Miss Mei

We don't know if she showers or not before she commences "snuggle time". I find it tacky and rude to call her out like this.

Emily Lynch

Most things affect breastmilk, even if we do not realize it. If it is going in to your body, it is probably affecting your milk. I hope you meant what you said, and that this can provide incentive to quit.

I am not saying this to be mean. I used to smoke and I empathize.


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