Alyson Hannigan's Baby Name Is, Um, 'Different'

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Alyson HaniganAlyson Hanigan has done it again! Another baby girl has "met her mother" ... well, and her father too! The How I Met Your Mother actress gave birth to her second daughter way back on May 23 and managed to do the unimaginable in Hollywood.

She and husband Alexis Denisof kept the baby girl a secret for weeks! The news has come out in no small part because Alyson just had to share an Instagram shot of her daughter's adorable fist, and her rep has confirmed the birth. And I'm digging the name they gave their second little sweetie.

The little girl has been christened Keeva Jane Denisof by her parents. It's a name that's different enough that there won't be 15 of them on the playground, but it's not too Hollywood weird.

In fact, Alyson's name choice is a Gaelic word for "gentleness and beauty." Put it that way, and it's perfect for a girl child, isn't it?

And it kind of sums up what the first few weeks of parenting must have been like for this couple. Can you imagine what those first days of motherhood would have been like if you'd been able to hide out and tell no one you'd had a baby? I mean NO ONE? Sounds like a "gentle" intro into the world for baby girl Denisof.

Oh, I'm imagining that Alyson and Alexis probably did tell close family that Keeva Jane Denisof was coming into this world. At the very least, they probably had to find someone to babysit 3-year-old Satyana while she was in labor. But they kept the paparazzi and the adoring public at bay, and who knows who else. It sounds like a magical first few weeks of motherhood ... you know, minus the poopy diapers and the wailing baby. 

So I don't blame Alyson and Alexis one bit for hiding their joyful news for as long as they could to keep the stress of the public deluge at bay. They already had enough to deal with.

Then again, I looked at that adorable fist ... and I can't blame Alyson for giving in to the temptation to share Keeva with the world either! She definitely is exuding beauty and gentleness already, just like her name implies.

What do you think of Keeva Jane?


Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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Alexis Eggleton

I think it's a gorgeous name, and I think it's awesome that they were able to have a child and enjoy her first few weeks, sans papparazzi stalking to steal the first publishable photo. Yay Alyson!

fluff... fluffball8812

i love the name and congrat alyson

Hi_Rae Hi_Rae

I love the name, especially the meaning of it...But they should've name her Keeva WaitForIt Denisof :)

the4m... the4mutts

Hi_rae- hahaha I was thinking the same thing!

Good for them for making sure they enjoyed their first few weeks of parenthood. She's one of my favorite tv stars, and I'm happy for them :)

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Is she really that famous though? I mean did she really have to go out of her way to ”hide” it, or did she just keep her mouth shut and no one noticed? Not trying to be mean but she's not exactly a high profile celeb. Congrats to her though!

Kelli... KelliansMom

Love the name :) but I love gaelic names lol congrats to her and her family

Torra... TorranceMom

I love the name's meaning.

Carmen Martin

Someone I know has a cat named "Kiva."  No matter what, I'll hear that name and think of a cat.  So I can't say it's my favorite, but it's not a bad name. 

LizB86 LizB86

Is Keeva the way it's spelled in Gaelic?  I have an Irish friend whose daughter's name is pronounced "Keeva" but is spelled "Caominhe".  They can spell their daughter's name any way they like, of course; I'm just curious.

amomm... amommy2jack

@Liz886 - Caominhe is the gaelic spelling of the name that is pronounced "Keeva".  I think Alyson and her hubby possibly chose the phonetic spelling to avoid constant mispronunciations of her name.

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