Mom With Flesh-Eating Virus Reunited With Twins for First Time (VIDEO)

Lana KuykendallThe images of Lana Kuykendall being reunited with her twin babies at last are unbearably bittersweet. Yesterday the 36-year-old mother held the 1-month-old babies for the first time since she was stricken with a flesh-eating bacteria just days after their birth.

Since she was admitted to the hospital on May 11, she's had almost 20 surgeries as she's battled the bacteria. Fortunately, she's been able to avoid the amputation of any limbs, and she was able to hold twins Abigail and Ian in her own arms.

It's absolutely impossible to imagine her joy and that of her family after everything she's been through and given how close she was to losing her life and never holding them again. She still can't speak, but family members say she's become more responsive and has tried to communicate by pointing, blinking, and mouthing words. Her brother told Reuters, "Lana grinned from ear to ear when she was holding them."


Doctors say she still isn't out of the woods, but her prognosis is looking good and that she has "turned a corner". In a statement, her husband Kevin said:

She has improved tremendously over the last week. Although she is still in ICU, we believe she is on the road to recovery. She looks more and more like herself.

While there's incredible joy that she's doing well enough to finally hold her children, it's also heartbreaking to think of everything she's been through, the precious weeks she lost with them, and the long road she has ahead of her. But for now, this is good news, and I'm sure that somehow holding those precious babies will only further fuel her progress so that she can go home and be with them where she should be.

Can you imagine being so ill when your children were newborns?

Image via My Fox Atlanta

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