Dad Balances 24-Pound Baby on His Hand in Death-Defying Feat (VIDEO)

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Balancing Baby LeopoldImagine, if you will, a 5-month-old baby that can stand up on its own two feet. No, not just stand. The 5-month-old can balance, on its own feet, on his Dad's hand, held high above the ground. Would you clap or would you cry in terror? Not sure?

Then behold the amazing Leopold, 24 pounds of absolute adorable roly poly baby chunk, who was caught on video by his fun-loving parents doing his future circus act. It's so incredible that even his mom can be heard off-camera saying, "It's not even real." But it is! You have to check this little guy out:

See what I mean about clapping or crying? I'm awed by the feat, but so terrified of heights as a fully grown adult that I can't help whispering a chant of "Don't let him fall, don't let him fall, don't let him fall" throughout. I'm not saying Dad did anything wrong here -- he does "seem" to have Leopold under control safety-wise -- but I've got to admit it's something I wouldn't have done. I would have been too afraid to balance my baby on my one hand -- even if he could do it!

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This is one of those great big lines in the sand between parents. We could hash out whether we would put our 5-month-old baby on our arm and let him balance, but why? Leopold's parents did, and he was having a blast. It worked for them! He's fine. Better than fine, probably, with parents who like to have fun with their son.

That's the really cool part of being a parent to your own kid, isn't it? We all get to do it differently. That doesn't make one wrong or one right. It just makes us different parents, and it will make for a new generation of different kids.

My kid might be an engineer or a teacher. Leo, on the other hand, already has a good start on a career in acrobatics.

Would you do this with your baby? What other acrobatic feats can your kiddo perform?


Image via PaTTeRNiNTeGR1Ty/YouTube

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Jennifer Branson

Oh I just love chubby babies! And I think he is lucky to have such fun loving parents! I never felt like he was in danger, his Daddy had him!

Meado... Meadowchik

My brother did this with his daughter, too.  So cute!


newmo... newmomma1111

my grandpa used to do this to my mom her siblings and cousins................. how do you know he is 24 lbs? they said he was 24 weeks...... just asking 

jeann... jeannesager

NewMomma, the parents' YouTube account shares his weight as well!

yayhe... yayheadstart

my husband used to do this to our son when he was a newborn! he tried with our daughter but she just wouldn't put weight on her legs.

Wifey... WifeyKish

this is pretty damn adorable

mom2a... mom2alyssa_h

cute baby! 24 lbs at 5 months! Thats a healthy baby!  Love those thighs!

mommy... mommytobobby

my hubby never balanced our kids on his hand, but he did many other 'death defying' (as you put it) w/ the kids, that includes (still to the day) throwing the kids very high in the air and catching them.

nonmember avatar Jessica

So cute! My Great Uncle used to do this with all the babies in the family, he stopped with my neice because he felt he was to old to do it, but I wish he was here today to get a picture with my 3 girls :)

Lokis... LokisMama

Awwwwww!  How cute! 

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