Counterfeit Ergos May Have Attachment Parents ... Unattached!

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ergo baby carrier

The Ergo is the baby carrier that all the cool moms and dads have. Many think it's the best one out there. I personally love my Mei Tai wrap. But most of these baby carriers are over $100. Which is a heck of a lot of money. If you're a mom who wants a great carrier so you can baby wear your kid comfortably and safely, you'll find the cash. Or if you spot one for cheap, you'll scoop it up fast. 

What's terrible though, is that some people have tried to capitalize on that. They know the Ergo is a hot item. Know people would want to snatch it up at a discount price. And know how to knock it off so it passes as an authentic Ergo. People are making knock-offs of these brand carriers, specifically Ergos, slapping an Ergo logo on it, selling them illegally, and no one knows if they are safe.

These counterfeits have come in authentic Ergo packaging, had an Ergo DVD, but they weren't real Ergos. Some have found typos on the warning labels sewn in. I'm sort of new to parenting (2 1/2 years cred), but this is the first time I heard about the counterfeit baby carrier situation. And yes, it is a situation. They were recently sold on one of those discount baby gear sites. Unknowingly. All has been made right, but it's such an issue that even Ergo has pages dedicated to the dangers of counterfeit items and info on where the fakes are known to be sold.

Attachment parents should be upset. Of course all parents should be. I'm aware that not all of those who are attachment parents babywear. If you have a bad back, it's just not going to happen. I also know that there are people who aren't AP who do carry their child around in a sling or carrier. Then there are the people who need to google 'attachment parenting' or search what the heck an Ergo is. I sure didn't know before I had little ones. Which is why we should all be checking our Ergos, Mei Tais, anything particularly if it was a gift purchased by someone who doesn't know the details of the counterfeit situation, to make sure we have the authentic product.

Maybe you're thinking what's the big deal? or I want an Ergo but can't afford one so the counterfeit one allows me to get one at a cheaper price. There are some really good reasons not to shop counterfeit:

  • Often counterfeit dealers are connected to gangs and terrorism and all sorts of criminal activity. Counterfeiting is a crime.
  • Who knows what kind of conditions the counterfeiters produce their goods in. Do they treat their workers well? Adhere to child labor laws? Have sweat shops? Who knows?
  • You don't want to put your baby in a product that cannot back-up its safety. 


Have you heard about counterfeit Ergos or other counterfeit baby items? Does it concern you?


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nonmember avatar mommy2boys

... so tertorists want us to wear out babies in their counterfeit carrirrs so they break and our babies are injured? Sorry to make light but not everything is linked to terrorism. And not every babywearing parent is AP.

Torra... TorranceMom

That's the problem when something becomes too popular. Sucks but it comes with the territory. Personally, I like the Boba carrier - the fabric it's made with is so much softer.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Knock off bags are one thing, but for god's sake! Do we have to be paranoid about every.single.product we use for our babies? *sigh* This world....

I never wore my first daughter because, as a bigger mama (Size 22) I couldnt find a carrier that suited my body well. I was thinking of going with a wrap this time, but was looking for some advice! Can any plus sized mom throw me a bone here? lol

Mandago Mandago

@Evalyn, I was a size 22 when my son was younger. I purchased a Hotsling-type carrier made from my choice of fabrics and for my measurements from a seller on ebay. I loved that thing so much I wore my kid til he was 3-1/2 and 35 pounds.

nonmember avatar A

You could just hold your baby with your actual arms and hands instead of being a weirdo.

livia... livia1025

I bought an Ergo when my daughter was 6 mos old & it was the best purchase EVER!  I made running errands so much easier.  I don't consider myself a weirdo.  I would have just carried her in my arms, but trying to grocery shop by yourself is kinda hard when you're holding onto a large baby.  I could have kept her in the carseat carrier, but at 5'1, I couldn't see over it & I would run into everything.  So I would put her on my back & she would fall asleep within a few min.  Also made life easier not having to take a clunky stroller around.

Evalyn, I was on the larger side when I got my Ergo & got the belt extender, that helped.  But my sister just got the Moby wrap that works really well.  There's a lot of fabric to work with.  It takes some practice, but my 9 week old nephew loves being in it.

randh... randhferedinos

Where can I get a knockoff? I have always wanted and haven't been able to afford, an ergo.

nonmember avatar Em

You're not a weirdo when you have more than one child and need your hands free. A good quality carrier is worth the investment. And I seriously doubt that the terrorism link is due to terrorists wanting us to drop our babies. Sheesh.

Melis... Melissa042807

I love my Ergo. :-) We found out about the knockoff issue when looking for one. So we purchased ours from a licensed distributor. Yes, it cost an arm and a leg, but I'm glad we made the investment. I used it a ton with my first baby - he wanted to be carried a lot when we were out and about and the Ergo was easier and less tiring than carrying his moose-baby mass in my arms, which would feel like they were going to fall off after all of five minutes. We chose an Ergo because one of my friends had one and let me try it out. It was sooooo much more comfortable to me than other carriers I'd tried. We just had our second baby and I can't wait for him to be able to use the Ergo - I hate dragging the carseat carrier along on errands.

Cassi... Cassidhes_Mom

The problem with the knockoffs isn't even as much the conditions of the factories they are made in (though, yes, that is a consideration--I don't want to act like it's unimportant) but as a parent, my TOP concern is quality control. I know that Ergo's are made well, because it is the company's rep on the line if they're not. They have a very good rep (hence the knock offs) BECAUSE it is good quality. What incentive do the people making the knock offs have to produce a good, strong, quality carrier? None, because it's not like we as consumers can contact them and hold them to anything or demand our money back.

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