Man Secretly Videotapes Coworker While She Pumps Breast Milk at Work

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security cameraImagine you're a new mother who has just gone back to work but are still breastfeeding. So you have to lug your breast pump around. You have to take frequent breaks in order to pump, and you schedule your calls and meetings around your breaks. You have to find a private place to do it where your co-workers won't gripe -- the bathroom, maybe, or even a closet. If you're lucky, very lucky, you have a private office where you can retreat to pump in peace. One Pennsylvania woman who worked at DeSales University was lucky enough to have that. But she was unlucky enough to have John Bednarik as a co-worker. Because Bednarik apparently liked to videotape the new mom as she breast pumped.

Police arrested Bednarik, who worked as a facilities director at the college, after the 32-year-old woman, identified only as "C.S.," entered her office in order to breast pump. Sitting at her desk with her shirt up and her breasts exposed, the woman noticed a small hole in the ceiling above her desk. When she examined the hole, she saw every woman's worst nightmare staring back at her -- a camera lens. She apparently quickly dressed and ran out of the office, only to see Bednarik exiting the office right next to her. She called the cops.

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Reports say that Bednarik admitted to setting up the camera so he could watch his co-worker breast pump "for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification." Breast pumping? Sexual arousal? This guy has major ISSUES.

And this poor woman. As if she doesn't have enough to worry about, being a new mom, being back at work and away from her baby. Then she's back into the groove with coworkers, and trying to make sure that she's still being taken seriously as a employee while breast pumping. Now she has to not only worry about a creepy coworker, but for how long he'd been videotaping her, and what he might have done with whatever film he's got. Was he putting it online? Since he's out on bail, will he be back at work with her? And, worst of all, might some coworkers look at HER as the one who instigated things since she was pumping at work? Who knows. There are some crazy people out there. Hopefully she has supportive employers and coworkers.

Do you breast pump at work? Any misgivings?


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mlber... mlberry4172

MESSED UP!!! Like bf moms don't have enough problems from our cultures screwed up views on boobies. The worst thing is people are going to use this against bfing in public. Not cuz of moms or babies, but cuz some perv made it sexual.

momma... mommacatof3

While I understand there are people who have a breast feeding fetish,what this guy did was wrong. Now women will have to use nursing blankets when they pump just to protect themselves from being video taped. *smh*

nonmember avatar teenage dream

I live right down the street from where this happened, and as soon as I heard about it on the news, I said "ohh, I can't wait to see this on the stir."

nonmember avatar Amanda

OMG!! I am pumping at work right now!! And today is my first day back!! Thankfully, I work at a small, well-respected law firm. And that most of the employees are women. And that the men that work here are not like that!!

nonmember avatar J's_Mom

The guy is definitely a sick puppy. He was fired from DeSales and charged with a misdemeanor. The sad thing is that he has a wife and a baby. But the woman he spied on could have used DeSales' lactation room with special secure keycards for entry. I can't blame her for being upset about her privacy, but if my workplace had a special, secure room for breastfeeding moms, I would use it.

jrphelps jrphelps

I just stopped pumping last week @ work after 8 1/2 months.  I used a  supply closet in HR.  They put a sign on the door that said, "Room in Use."  That still didn't stop people from trying to walk in on several occasions only to be greeted by  my screams!

nonmember avatar WhoDat

@ Journalist...I dont condone what he did but you have too much exaggerated drama in your article....wouldn't it be easier to write, if she picked up her butt and little bag of pump cups and bottles and headed to the secured areas that DeSales had provided I'm sure with a pump(s),refrigerator,limited controlled access abiding expectations of privacy, well then. I hope she doesn't think DeSales is liable for his actions!

@ J's Mom... I agree w/ your post.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I can't imagine anyone blaming her for going into a private closed room. At WhoDat, you are simply insane if you blame her she was in a private office and the facilities director, which is the polite way of saying head janitor (who has access to every room generally) exploited his position.  

corri... corrinacs

Wow, and I was pumping JUST as I read this article.  Thanks for giving me the heebie jeebies LOL.

But, so far pumping has been fantastic!  I am able to take my breaks each day with no trouble.  They have set me up with a room that only pumpingh mommy's have access to.  There's a computer in here with speakers (my r equest to listen to music).  I kind of like it beacuse it forces me to take a break that I woudlnt' normally  givbe myself.  In fact, I am going to be super sad when I am not pumping anymore, becuase i won't have that break!!!!!!!

I work at a financial newsletter firm :).

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