Pot-Smoking Mom Who Left Baby on Car Roof & Drove Away Isn't Fit to Parent

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catalina clouserSeems like Arizona pot-smoking mom Catalina Clouser, 19, is going through something a thousand times worse than the usual weekend hangover. She was arrested after leaving her 5-week-old -- who was strapped safely in a car seat -- on the roof of her car and driving away. It wasn't until she returned home that she realized her baby was missing.

When Clouser had driven away with the car seat on the roof, the baby fell off the car in the middle of an intersection. Insane! Thank goodness, the little one was found unharmed and strapped into the seat, said Phoenix police spokesman James Holmes.

Although it sort of boggles the mind how, apparently the baby really was "perfectly OK" when the Phoenix Fire Department officials found him. He was taken to a local hospital and is now in the custody of Arizona Child Protective Services. 

Sounds like a series of events completely reflecting Clouser's complete lack of good parental judgment, immaturity, and selfishness lead up to this point. She had apparently been smoking marijuana late Friday night at a nearby park with her boyfriend. At about 11 p.m., they left the park to buy beer, and the boyfriend was arrested on aggravated DUI charges while on the way, authorities said. Then Clouser, who was shaken up by the arrest, went to a friend's house, where she "admittedly smoked one or two additional bowls of marijuana." And yeah ... the baby was along for what turned into an incredibly scary ride. There's just no real way to excuse this terrible turn of events. It's downright disgraceful and heart-wrenching.

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At the very least, Clouser will surely be paying for her actions for a long time -- both emotionally and by facing charges of child abuse and DUI. Yet all of this could have been avoided, if only she would have put her child first over the course of that evening. Given how this nightmare played out, Clouser's actions prove she's not cut out to continue parenting.

Can you believe this?! What do you think -- should Clouser lose custody of her child?



Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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mommy... mommy2annaliese

Um, YES she should. She a moron. She is trying to put the blame on weed, and its all her fault.You don't drink with a baby there, you don't smoke with a baby there, grow up. She is a peice of shit. She deserves the death penalty in my opinion. Stupid bitch.

She makes teen moms look bad, and pot smoking moms look bad. (Neither of those I am, luckily.) There is NO hope for dirt bag people like her.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

OR her dirt bag boyfriend. 

So glad this baby is finally out of her "care"

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I actually don't think it's surprising that the baby was OK. Those carseats are built strong. And the handles can act as roll bars. Not that it's good to test it out.......

She definitely needs to lose custody. At least until she GROWS UP.

Not to say that this is all teen moms. There are plety of teen moms that realize they have to grow up before their baby is born. This one obviously didn't.

Melan... Melanie420

yeah because weed is what made her that fucking stupid, it comes naturally not because she was smoking

nonmember avatar Gretta

Of course she should lose custody. The welfare of the baby must come first. She obviously cannot keep the baby safe. She is unfit to parent.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Kind of a silly question....

lilji... liljimmy12


GlowW... GlowWorm889

Of course she should lose custody. She could have killed the baby! Plus, drug use and baby care don't usually got together. I shudder to think of what that baby's home life is like. But at least she had the sense enough to strap him into the carseat.

Celia... Celiacelia

was she smoking while driving away? otherwise i wouldnt highlight the fact that shes a pot smoking mom. shes a fucking moron period point blank the pot didnt do that to her its just the fact shes careless to begin with.

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