Beyonce Sets Unhealthy Example for Breastfeeding Moms (VIDEO)

Beyonce Remember Beyonce Knowles, high profile breastfeeding mom and fantastic example for lactating mamas everywhere? Consider that stage of her life over. Blue Ivy's mama showed up as promised at a Memorial Day weekend concert series looking pretty bootylicious.

And as she told the crowd, the mother of a 5-month-old worked her tail off to get there. But her weight loss secret doesn't exactly jive with the super breastfeeding rep she's gotten since her daughter was born.

Beyonce told the crowd at her second of four shows that she dropped 60 pounds with constant work on the treadmill and a diet that consisted of lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. Brave. Maybe even inspirational. But not a diet plan that any breastfeeding mom should follow, you hear? 

I don't know how many times I see this happen. A mom decides she is going to breastfeed, but she still wants to lose the baby weight. She thinks she can do them both because hey, don'tcha know, breastfeeding burns calories?

It's true. BUT, and this is the big ol' BUT, it doesn't burn that many calories. And while it does, a breastfeeding mom's intake should remain somewhere between 1,500 to 1,800 calories at least: much more than a whole lot of lettuce will give you. That poor kid needs something to eat too! In fact, following the type of healthy weight loss recommended for a lactating mother, Beyonce would have only shed about half of the weight -- about 30 pounds.

I should make it clear that Beyonce may have given up breastfeeding a long time ago. She hasn't been caught nursing in public in awhile. If that's true, that's her choice, and I support a mom's ability to make the choices that best fit her own lifestyle. But that leaves us only two conclusions here. Either she didn't even make it to the six-month mark the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for nursing, or she nursed Blue Ivy while following a dangerous diet.

She's still a fabulous singer, and probably a pretty great mom. But for moms who are looking to the singer as some sort of fantastic postpartum breastfeeding role model, I think we can safely say that ship has sailed. Just look at her:

How do you balance weight loss against the need to provide your baby with nutrients? What do you think of Beyonce's post-baby transformation?


Image via AtlanticCityBeats/YouTube

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Brittany Hinkle

THIS is infuriating!!! NOT HER! You judgmental bloggers just need to shut up. Seriously. This is insane. I am vegan and guess what I eat? A ton of lettuce. Lettuce has lots of vitamins, oh unless you're talking about iceberg, which anyone with half a clue about nutrition knows is just water.Greens are super nutrient dense and a well planned diet can do just fine breastfeeding. SHAME ON YOU for talking about her like this and assuming she's hurting her baby or has stopped breastfeeding! Unhealthy? For running on a treadmill and eating veggies? At least they aren't empty calories. What do you recommend? Twinkies and ho-hos? I did Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, and am on P90X2 while breastfeeding. Wanna call me a bad example? I intake about 2000 calories a day, veggie style. Maybe you should do some research before trying to call someone out. Or maybe you should throw out your daily diet for us to scrutinize. I'd be HAPPY to do it for you. Normally I would be calmer but you are encouraging poor eating habits and staying overweight, discouraging exercise and nutritious eating. I bet she has a nutritionist on her staff that helps her determine what to eat...just freakin back off!!! This creates such a divide.

nonmember avatar anne

I would imagine that Beyonce's and Jay Z's daughter would get correct nourishment. l wouldn't be surprised if they have the best professionals fallowing her daughter's health and her weight, who are we again to evaluate her health decisions?

fallin77 fallin77

She is a celebrity people.  You know nothing about her private life except for little blurbs.  It is her choice to stop breastfeeding whenever she wants and that is not a bad example because everyone is different!  Plus I'm sure she ate more than lettuce and all vegetables are better than junk most people eat. It's none of our business and shame on you for writing an article that she is a bad example.  You don't the whole story so shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nonmember avatar Mamaeggos

she's a disgusting person she probably buys breastmilk for that baby from the same woman she bought the baby from or rented her womb or whatever she should just be honest already people would respect her a hell of a lot more

Lois Amanda Brett

Chill out.. She probably just means that she ate inordinate amounts of lettuce to help fill her up in between and complementary to regular meals. When my husband lost 100lbs last year he definitely ate "lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce" but to assume that that is all he subsisted on for a year would be asinine.

Also, I really dislike your "Just look at her" tone. As though it's a crime for a woman to lose her babyweight. Guess what, I was back to my prepregnancy weight (although not quite shape lol) in two weeks with my first. I breastfed that kid for 15 months and am just a thin person. Good thing I'm not a celebrity or this author would probably allege I was anorexic or something!

And maybe Beyonce doesnt nurse in public anymore because when she does, authors like you treat her like she's been "caught" doing something bad. Give it a rest.

Elle N. Em

Can breastfeeding moms catch a break? Why do we have to over analyze each other? Congratulations to all you try to breastfeed successfully. Lets support each other.

Lucy Wilson

I think I read somewhere that she nursed Blue Ivy until 6 weeks of age, and at the time I wondered why she had been hailed as such breastfeeding role model anyway?

Jennifer Lowry

I am sure her child is very well taken care of. I am a Mom of 4 and my children are all extremely healthy today with my oldest being 24 now. I never breast feed any of them due to personal reasons but that surely hasn't made me a bad mommy. I can't believe the shallowness of some people in this world. I swear some of you just wake up looking for someone to judge or put down. I know you all would like to think that your own shit don't stink....but lean a little bit closer and you'll see that your roses really smell like poo poo poo!

nonmember avatar sbergert

Whoa! I hear ALOT of judgement here. That I feel is poor parenting/community parenting as well. You have no idea what her diet was REALLY like. I know plenty of raw foodist, who eat primarily salad and did well with extending breast feeding. The secret is eating enough fats in avocado, olives, etc to give baby what she needs. The weight tends to come off with raw food diets, because our dietary needs are met much more quickly than a typical american diet. I prefer to read articles that are educational based, not judgement based.

Sarah Louise Wesch

It is concerning if Beyonce's comment spreads the idea that it is okay to diet and breasfeed.  Depriving yourself of calories while breastfeeding  can release toxins into your milk, impacting your baby's health.  Of course, most of know not to look to Beyonce for health advice, but that doesn't mean that's true for everyone.  

Most women experience weight loss from breastfeeding alone.  I always lost my baby weight + 10 lbs within the first 3-5 months.  If dieting seems necessary, here are some guidelines:

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