Beyonce Sets Unhealthy Example for Breastfeeding Moms (VIDEO)

Beyonce Remember Beyonce Knowles, high profile breastfeeding mom and fantastic example for lactating mamas everywhere? Consider that stage of her life over. Blue Ivy's mama showed up as promised at a Memorial Day weekend concert series looking pretty bootylicious.

And as she told the crowd, the mother of a 5-month-old worked her tail off to get there. But her weight loss secret doesn't exactly jive with the super breastfeeding rep she's gotten since her daughter was born.

Beyonce told the crowd at her second of four shows that she dropped 60 pounds with constant work on the treadmill and a diet that consisted of lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. Brave. Maybe even inspirational. But not a diet plan that any breastfeeding mom should follow, you hear? 

I don't know how many times I see this happen. A mom decides she is going to breastfeed, but she still wants to lose the baby weight. She thinks she can do them both because hey, don'tcha know, breastfeeding burns calories?

It's true. BUT, and this is the big ol' BUT, it doesn't burn that many calories. And while it does, a breastfeeding mom's intake should remain somewhere between 1,500 to 1,800 calories at least: much more than a whole lot of lettuce will give you. That poor kid needs something to eat too! In fact, following the type of healthy weight loss recommended for a lactating mother, Beyonce would have only shed about half of the weight -- about 30 pounds.

I should make it clear that Beyonce may have given up breastfeeding a long time ago. She hasn't been caught nursing in public in awhile. If that's true, that's her choice, and I support a mom's ability to make the choices that best fit her own lifestyle. But that leaves us only two conclusions here. Either she didn't even make it to the six-month mark the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for nursing, or she nursed Blue Ivy while following a dangerous diet.

She's still a fabulous singer, and probably a pretty great mom. But for moms who are looking to the singer as some sort of fantastic postpartum breastfeeding role model, I think we can safely say that ship has sailed. Just look at her:

How do you balance weight loss against the need to provide your baby with nutrients? What do you think of Beyonce's post-baby transformation?


Image via AtlanticCityBeats/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Nicole

I clicked this link expecting to see her drinking alcohol or smoking while breastfeeding. But, alas, once again its a fluff story based on nothing more than assumptions. You have no clue if she actually gained 60 pounds. You also have no clue whether some of her weight was fluid retention. You also have no clue what else she ate, if indeed her abundance of lettuce comment was for real - maybe that lettuce involved salads that she ate between other meals instead of junk. And, if she were eating healthy and breastfeeding, and working out like crazy, the weight loss you deemed appropriate, would likely be incorrect. Regardless, stop being so quick to pass judgement. We moms judge ourselves too much as it is and while some may be disheartened that they cannot match B's results, it doesn't mean you can judge the actions or statements of someone you only know on paper and in pictures.

Erica Heinze

FYI, the American Academy of Pediatrics reccomends exclusive Breastfeeding for six months and continued Breastfeeding with complimentary solids until " at least" one year and then as long as is mutually acceptable to mother and baby.

Mary Renee Reuter

I agree she was probably joking. She has so many people working for her, I'm sure that she has dieticians and personal trainers finding out a healthy way for her to lose the weight with out depriving her child of nutrients. 


Kym Thomas

Perhaps she was never breastfeeding at ALL!
I suspect she was hiding the baby under a blanket while in a public restaurant protecting the baby's privacy and some misinformed person mistaken it as if she was breastfeeding, and by the way her youthful shape is GONE! The after effects of pregnancy has really aged her and given her a average figure. Although she is still beautiful and in good shape she no longer has that uniquely shaped body and radiant skin and youthful appearance any longer.

nonmember avatar Raven

the point of this is that SHE NEVER HAD A BABY .. her surrogate did. she's nothing but a fake and a liar. she did not lose 60 lbs. any woman with a clue would know that you have to eat calories to produce healthy milk for your baby if you're breastfeeding. i sure wish people would stop caring about this FAKE!

nonmember avatar Afreiyeh

Why are many women so pathetically CATTY? How come men don't put down their own gender?

This is why I wish I was born a Guy

nonmember avatar sheshe

It's okay. She was never pregnant. 60lbs Really? If Beyonce lost 60 pounds she would be like cousin It--nothing but a wig floating around.

Kim Daks Antolini

If this story is accurate - and assuming she was still breastfeeding while eating "lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce" - baby would still be fine. The mothers body would be depleted of nutrition before her breastmilk would be. Its how nature works... Not to say its a wise idea to eat a minimal amount of calories while nursing... just saying - the mom is more likely to suffer than the baby... and or her MILK SUPPLY would decrease - in which case she would most likely end up supplementing with formula before letting baby go hungry. But its not like she would think baby is eating enough and actually be starving her or something...

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