Hospital Refuses to Give Baby to Mom Until She Pays for C-Section

baby nurseryI have joked a time or two with new mom friends that it would be glorious if we could leave the hospital for a few days after delivering a baby just to recover while the nurses in the maternity ward take care of the child. Never again. For one mom in Greece, the joke has become a reality!

According to reports out of the country that's quickly becoming infamous for financial instability, one new mom didn't have enough money to pay for her C-section. So the hospital decided to hold her newborn baby hostage until she came up with the cash!

Fortunately someone with some common sense has since intervened and helped the woman being identified only as Anna set up a payment plan for the approximately $1,500 bill so she could leave the hospital with her baby in her arms. But the fact that the threat was made at all makes it hard to imagine ever trusting that hospital, doesn't it? 

These people are in the business of helping women bring human life into the world? Really? They certainly don't seem to have a handle on what "life" means.

Babies are not products. Going into the hospital to deliver your child is not like walking into the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk. A cashier has every right to tell you that you can't walk out with that plastic jug until you hand over the cash to pay for it. That's how business works.

But babies aren't milk jugs. They're human beings. That's why hospitals can't work like traditional businesses. They deal with lives, not "stuff." And yet, this hospital was claiming a baby's life is equal to the cost of a C-section. And here I thought people were priceless.

What should hospitals be doing when new mothers can't pay their bills?


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dreamsky dreamsky

Well, let me be the bad guy and say, " If you can't afford a baby, don't have one." It's just a part of life. Stuff happens and you can't plan everything. People need to be understanding of this and have some compassion. They did the right thing after all. We all do it. If we need or want something that we can't pay in full... We put it on credit and set up a payment plan. It happens all the time. But the hospital was wrong. You can't do that.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Hospitals have payment plans. In America at least. It has nothing to do with affording a baby it has to do with the fact that a lot of people can't just drop $1500 right then and there. We always paid our bill before we left because we received 15% off if it was paid the day we left and our hubby and I are emplyees at our hospital so we got a discount there as well. But there are plans and to threaten to keep the baby is pretty low. Let me be the bad guy here now, why did she have a c/s anyway? Maybe she can blame the hospital for an unnecessary c/s and get out of it that way.

Fondue Fondue

If hospitals in the US kept babies because their parents couldn't pay the bill, they'd have more babies than they'd know what to do with.

Jessica Rosenberg

It's extra scary because it means that a mom who knows she can't afford a c-section might decide to forgo the hospital completely, thus endangering herself and her baby.
Clearly not EVERYONE needs a c-section, but what if the fear of the price of one is what kept you away? My baby wouldn't have made it out without one and we would have both died...

sweet... sweet.lil.mama

So money hungry smh. People should have a right to health care not have to pay

LucyLau LucyLau

lmao @ fondue, you are so right!

Anna Potts

dreamsky lets start by saying you are in your late 30's at best and dont understand that having a child is never planned down to the last detail! but to say a women shouldnt have a kid because she cant pay the outraggous bill for the hospital is just unmotherly i have a beautiful lo and i could not have paid the hospital fees but i garrentee my dd has every thing she needs and more and im not getting assitance from the state! hospitals have become a capitalized buissness they are uncaring.

nonmember avatar Theresa

I don't know anything about Greek law, so this may have been legal. However, it is akin to kidnapping for ransom since they were holding a human life for money. Dreamsky, the child is not a product that was bought and not paid for. Your analogy is false. The birthing services were the product. C-Sections are not typically planned events. Your suggestion that every woman who cannot afford to pay or a c-section are people who have kids they can't afford is laughable at best. Using your logic, people who can't afford to pay cash for ANY unexpected medical emergency can't afford to have kids. It's bad logic and it's impractical.

suziejax suziejax

Thats just crazy I would of taken my baby anyhow! Thats NUTS!

nonmember avatar Lord K

How's that for socialized medicine hahahaha

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