Mom Saves Her 3-Month-Old's Life by Performing CPR (VIDEO)


A mom named Ashley Sanchez was feeding her 3-month-old baby, Ashlynn, when the unthinkable happened -- the baby turned pale and her eyes rolled back into her head because she had stopped breathing. But instead of screaming and starting to panic, Ashley leapt into action and immediately started performing CPR on her daughter, and even continued the process on the ride over to the hospital.

When they got there, baby Ashlynn did not have a pulse or heartbeat, but because Ashley was quick on her feet and started CPR right away, doctors were able to revive the baby successfully. She was then airlifted to another hospital, and was ultimately diagnosed with viral pneumonia. She miraculously survived, but only because of her mother's brave actions.


I remember being taught infant CPR in a class I took at the hospital before my son arrived, but I have to admit, I never actually thought I'd need to put those skills to the test. But no parent does -- until they are faced with a situation where performing CPR may mean saving their child's life. 

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When it comes to babies, I typically think of needing to use CPR in the event of choking or drowning, but something like an infant ceasing to breathe because of viral pneumonia is a possibility that never entered my mind. But I can't even imagine how I would've reacted in Ashley's situation, and I wonder if I would've had the good sense to recall the CPR skills I'd learned in that pre-birth class. (I hope so?)

And honestly? Now that my son is 6 years old, I could probably use a refresher course so I'd know what to do in the event of an emergency. Basic CPR skills are something that every parent should have, and we should take learning those skills seriously from the time our children are babies. Having that knowledge could mean the difference between life and death -- and it's never smart to assume that something like this could never happen to our own kids.

Take a look at the video below to hear more about Ashley's experience performing CPR on her daughter.

Do you know basic CPR?


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