6 Things I'm Sorry for Thinking Before I Became a Mom

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kids holding handsI don't like regretting things. I tend to believe that I've made some mistakes in life and it taught me something so why live with regret, right? Of course, there are times when I have colossally messed up and I've said sorry and begged forgiveness -- of course that was all when I was much younger, and much more ... let's say ... not so smart. (Wink.)

But I do regret some of the mean-spirited and unsympathetic drivel I have spewed before I became a mom. I've scowled at babies, judged their parents, all for things I do and my kids do all the time. Because it's typical kid/parent behavior. For this, I just want to issue a huge, heartfelt apology, and will pray to the sleep gods that your kids will always allow you to have a great night's sleep with no night wakings. So ... (gulp) ... here they are. A list of things I am truly sorry for thinking before I had kids.

1. I have complained about the smell of a poopy diaper on a plane and I blamed the baby. Smart, right? Blame the baby for pooping. How pathetic is that? Most days, I'm happy when my kids poo, so in the moment of that parent's rejoice, I sh*t all over it with the fact that my poor nose had to smell something as benign as some kid excrement. I'm really sorry for being so unkind.

2. I'm also sorry that I once had evil thoughts about the kid on the plane who kicked my seat the entire time from San Francisco to NYC while I was trying to be calm and listen to Bjork. I should have been happy that kid wasn't screaming, like my kid did the first time we all flew on a plane. Now, any parent I see having a "hard time" with their little one on a plane or on any type of public transportation I have complete sympathy for and only send calming wishes so THEY are happy.

3. I used to complain about strollers taking up the sidewalk so other people can't just walk by without "pulling over." I have twins and push a double wide. Karma. I'm sorry for that.

4. I used to get annoyed when neighbors would leave their stroller in the hall in my apartment building. I'm really sorry. I now know how hard it is to bring a stroller up many flights of stairs into a cramped apartment that only gets smaller the more kids you have.

5. I used to get annoyed when babies would cry in the restaurant and wonder why they went out to eat in the first place. I'm sorry for that. Now I realize that parents deserve to eat out, too. Even with baby in tow. And that kids cry sometimes. And that's okay.

6. Many years ago, I thought it was odd to see a woman breastfeeding in public. I was so far away from even thinking about kids and I just didn't get it. I regret this, and I'm so happy I learned, even became a mom who breastfed whenever my kids were hungry wherever I was, and no longer make this judgement.

You live, you learn ... when you become a parent YOU REALLY LEARN. It feels so good to let it out and apologize ... and you know what ... when I get the glaring eyes when people judge me for doing any of the above things I totally get it and I don't get angry. I was there once too and I hope that one day they too get blessed with becoming a parent and repent.

Your turn! Fess up. What regrettable actions did you do before you became a parent? If nothing ... I bow to you.


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poshkat poshkat

Why do you regret those things? You didn't know any better than. You didn't have a kid than. Now you do, you understand better and you don't do those things anymore. I was on a transfer Atlantic flight 2 years ago, with my than 2 year old who thanlfully slept most of the way, and I still told the parent behind mecto make their kid stop kicking my seat. Just because we have kids, we shouldn't regret our past thoughts.

aneela aneela

how can you blame a baby for having a bowel movement? lol...not like they baby planned it to ruin your trip..

tyler... tylersmom061007

Dont regret what you learned from :) its part of being a parent, cuz there is no manual lol. That being said, kids that cry in restraunts still annoy me, mainly cuz i work in one, and the parent is dragging their ALREADY crying/temper tantrum having 3 yr old into the building... this is unacceptable. Infants fowever are a different story, you just cant help that <3

nonmember avatar Ldbc

It used to annoy me when kids had snotty noses. Now I know that no matter how many times a mom wipes their kids nose, it is still going to run.

Bob192 Bob192

I think we all go through stages of growth and change.  Before you have kids you don't know anything about those kid things. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

#5- crying here and there is one thing but a screaming kid still pisses me off. When my kids are completely out of control, where I can't get them to quiet down we walk for a bit to cool off, works everytime.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Tantruming children in stores late at night still bugs me even almost 7 years after becoming a mom. If i wanted to hear a tatruming child at 10 o clock at night id drag my kids out. But since i put them to bed at a decent hour i dont care to hear the ones that r up to late.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It doesn't matter if you have kids or not, it's still incredibly annoying when someone lets their kid kick your seat or howl in a restaurant. It's also annoying when someone has an obnoxiously large stroller in an inappropriate place. There are plenty of options that are easier for mom and everyone around, there's really no need to a massive rig indoors.

LizB86 LizB86

I regret thinking that parents shouldn't travel by plane with very small kids at all; they should just stay home for those first few years. How unrealistic and ridiculous! That being said, no parent should allow their kid to keep kicking the seat in front of them during the flight. That is out of control and the person in that seat in front has a total right to get mad about it.

count... countrygirlkat

I regret thinking that kids with messy faces or snotty noses just had parents who didn't care enough to take care of it.  Now I know that no matter how many times I wipe a nose it still seems to be snotty and that I can think I get a kid's face completely clean and in a different light I find more food on it. 

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