Hilarious Breastfeeding 'Anthem' Gives It Up for All Ladies Who 'Give Life' (VIDEO)

Life GiversI know what you're thinking. A video about breastfeeding, that's just for women who breastfed. WRONG! No mommy wars here! Cross my heart and hope to die. The hilarious LA Women who created the so-called "breastfeeding anthem" Life Givers know the truth about what delivering a child does to you.

It changes you. And I'm not talking about some kumbaya, we're all part of the great circle of life change here, Moms. This amazing body that gives life kicks some serious butt in the whole mystic "how did she do that?" sense. But face it: our boobs take a beating!

Or as LA Women member Jennifer Tracy sings, "I always dreamed I'd be a beautiful fair princess with a bust size of a C ... now my boobies hang so low, they're staring at my feet."


Oh yeah! Sing it sister(s):

I wasn't able to breastfeed for long, and my teeny little tatas still took a beating. I'm sure you've heard doctors insisting that all women have breasts that are uneven? Somehow I avoided that particular plague ... until AFTER having a daughter.

And it's not just the boobs, amIright? They're calling it an anthem for breastfeeding, but I think this speaks to all women who gave life.

I have a friend who can't jump up without peeing herself. The skin on my stomach will sag whether I'm a size 6 or a 12. And don't get my other friend started on the zebra stripes her husband failed to tell her were spreading across her butt when she was pregnant. All us Life Givers have paid the price for the gift of babymaking.

What has the miracle of giving life done to your boobies, or the rest of your body for that matter?


Image via thelawomen/YouTube

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