Katherine Heigl's Baby Name Speaks Volumes About Her Family Values

katherine heigl josh kelleyCelebrity parents are known for giving their children names that are a bit odd and obscure, and it's always so refreshing when one of them chooses something more unexpected (like something remotely normal). Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley recently adopted their second baby girl, and plenty of people are already buzzing about her "unusual" name.

But when I first heard what they'd chosen to call their new little bundle, I immediately recognized it as being a very old-fashioned name that is romantic, and reminiscent of a time when things in life were much more simple. I didn't think it was strange or nontraditional at all -- if anything, it's absolutely beautiful.


Katherine and Josh chose the name Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley, because it has special meaning and significance to them. Katherine's great-grandmother was named Adalaide, so the baby is a tribute to her memory. Little Adalaide also shares her middle name, Marie, with her mama, as it's Heigl's middle name too. The couple added the second middle name, Hope, in honor of their adoption journey.

I've always loved when couples keep baby names in the family, probably because my own first and middle names are after my two great-grandmothers. Baby boys usually carry on their father's surname, so it's only fitting to give little girls names that still tie them to their ancestors even if their last names change down the road.

Katherine & Josh couldn't have chosen a more perfect moniker for their newest addition. Keeping her name within the family is such a strong indicator of how strong their values are, and it also shows they are true romantics at heart.

What do you think of the name Adalaide?


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