Autumn Babies Have Higher Risk of Asthma


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My baby is a winter baby and I was worried she'd catch all kinds of things—a cold, the flu. She was just fine, but the news isn't so good for autumn babies. A new study found that babies born in fall have a 30 percent higher risk of developing asthma.

The study was done by Dr. Tina Hartert, director of the center for Asthma Research at Vanderbilt University. She and her team studied 95,000 infants and found that all the babies in the study were at increased risk of asthma if they had bronchiolitis (a lung infection caused by RSV), but that babies born in fall had an even higher risk. "What we were able to show was the timing of birth and the risk of developing asthma moves in time almost to the day with the peak of these viral infections each winter," she said.

Hartert said the next step is to prove that preventing such infections could keep infants from developing asthma. "That is where we are now. We need to prove that preventing this infection prevents this lifelong chronic disease," she said

Did you have an autumn baby who has asthma? Would this study make you time having your next baby in a season other than autumn?



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Peajewel Peajewel

My daughter is a winter baby (december) and she loves the cold.  She takes blankets off while she is sleeping and she has since day one.  Now that she knows how, she also takes off her pj's.  It's nuts.  And I hate to say this but she does not normally get colds often (should I knock on wood or something?)


I guess i could see that. since most peoples biggest allergins are in the fall and we all know as mothers from stuff like peanuts that the more you are exposed to most allergins the worse you react, so a child with any predisposition to asthma is more likely to show the signs if born when their allergens are rampant and at the age (birth) their system is least able to deal with them. epecially when you add the viral infection and further weaken the immune system (since asthma is technically an immune system disorder)

my son has severe intant onset asthma and he was born in the spring (which has it's own set of allergens, as do all the months) it probably goes fall, spring, winter, summer for heightened risk of asthma developement when you look at the amount of allergens in each season.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I guess this doesn't surprise me, as the fall also has a lot of decaying stuff and mold likes to run rampant.  My nephew born on November 1st had RSV, but never had any other problems...

I wouldn't plan a pregnancy around a season just to avoid a possible illness, though, as I think every time of year has it's potential bad stuff...well, maybe not so much summer, other than heat!

jules... julesr475

My son was born in Jan 2008, got bronchiolitis/RSV at 8 days of age and spent almost a month in PICU on a vent.  Now at 10 months, he was recently diagnosed with moderate, uncontrolled asthma and also has numerous other health issues as the result of his severe RSV infection.

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