5 Bug-Eyed Babies We Can't Help But Laugh At (VIDEOS)

Is there anything more adorable than when babies get surprised or startled and get all bug-eyed? The wide-eyed look gets me every time -- especially this particular photo of my son.

It was taken when he was just a few months old, and I still can't help but laugh out loud every time I see it. I can't remember if I was doing something that had him captivated that day or if it was the simple flash of the camera itself that made my little guy all bug-eyed, but this is definitely a shot I'll treasure for years to come. (And yes, I'm sure I'll bust it out on prom night to show his date.)


I wish I'd had a video camera going when I took this picture, because seeing babies show off this same expression is even funnier when it's live. And it looks like I'm not the only parent who finds this type of thing hysterical, because plenty of others have posted funny videos on YouTube of their bug-eyed little ones.

Watch how surprised this sweet girl gets when her daddy blows a little air in her face.

This little guy can't resist the funny noises his mom is making.

Or how about this hilarious baby who stopped fussing the instant her father started making "motorboat" noises?

If this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will. This baby was totally captivated by the sound of his mom blowing her nose.

And I just couldn't resist adding in this adorable baby boy who got very startled by a jack-in-the-box. (Those things freak me out too, kid.)

What makes your baby get a bug-eyed look?


Image via Mary Fischer

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