Being a Mom Is Like Running a Marathon -- Every Day! (VIDEO)

No question, some days feel like a marathon when you're a mother. Starting early and ending late is the name of the game. But my busiest day (and probably yours) pales in comparison to Monica's. She's a cast member of Mamma Mia on Broadway, and a typical Saturday for her starts at 6:30 am and ends close to midnight. And that's not just wake-up to bedtime, that's active time!


On Saturdays, Monica teaches two dance classes, one of which is an hour train ride away from her NYC home, and does two performances of the show as well. That's 18 straight hours of being "on", much of it doing some high energy dance moves.

Monica explains that she does all this because she really loves teaching, loves the style of dance (Bollywood) she teaches, and of course, loves her job as a member of a Broadway cast. And isn't that what keeps all of us going on those marathon days?

Follow Monica through her crazy day on the video'll feel tired just watching her!


What's your craziest day like...and what keeps you going?

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 Image via CafeMom Studios

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