Jessica Simpson's Baby Is Going to Make Her Rich

Ah, babies. When they arrive, it's such a time of pure joy and happiness. And some worries too. Like, will she get into college? And, speaking of college, how the hell am I going to pay for it? Colleges get more and more expensive every year! But celebrities, at least, need not worry about these mundane little details. Because celeb babies don't just cost money, they mint money! Let's look at how Jessica Simpson's new bundle, Maxwell Drew, will bring home the bacon for Mommy ...


Little Maxwell Drew is only a couple of days old, but she already is richer than most of us will ever be. Simpson, who has a massively successful retail line that generates about $1 billion a year, could now add baby gear to her brand. Baby clothes, diapers, bottles, rattles, whatever! All of that could add up to an extra $5 million. College tuition? Done, and done!

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Plus, Jessica has a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers to shed her baby weight, which, you know, she wouldn't have to shed if it wasn't for little Maxi. So, thanks, baby Max! That pays for the penthouse Maxi can live in while she attends school.

But that's not all! There could be a reality TV show in Maxi's future. If the show is a hit, it could make millions more for Jess, her fiance, Eric Johnson, and of course, for Maxi Drew herself. Dang, Maxi will be a 1 percenter before she can crawl. Though, considering the way Jess's first reality show ended -- in divorce -- she might want to think carefully about doing another.

What do you think about how much Jessica Simpson's baby can make?


Image via Hypnotik Qrew/Flickr

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