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cek302 cek302

That is not even as nice as the birthing center my two youngest were born in. A hospital is a hospital, steril cold and no matter what you do to dress it up it still isn't comfortable. 

Rocki... Rockinursocks

It doesn't look like she snazzed it up too much, it looks very comfy.

Alynn74 Alynn74

Yeah, really not impressed with her accommodations. And red-seriously? Do you not see enough of that color having a baby? Why would you want a room decked out in it??

Whatever-if she liked it, than that's all that matters.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

Meh. I loved my birthing center, and it was just as nice as this, and it was an ordinary women and childrens hospital in huntsville, al.

The birthing rooms are gorgeous.

Mother baby, not as much but i loved it, and the help too!

Rushn311 Rushn311

I really would just want the everything to be safe, sterile and good doctors. My room looked just as good where I had my children. I think mine just didn't have the top of the line tv but honestly I don't even remember anymore.

Maryah Tapia

I'm sorry people have had such un-comfertable hospitals to give birth in. I had both my babies at  the same hospital I was born at, and it was lovely. EVERY woman there gets their own room, which is quite, soft, & cozy. Beds are comfy too, & yes, we also had flatscreens, gasp!  Same w/your post-delivery room. They throw you & your SO a Champagne dinner, or breakfast (depending when you gave birth) w/ candles & "it's a girl or boy"  Champagne Flutes to take home (super cute). The rest of the food isn't the best I've ever had, but at least I knew what it was & yes, it was edible. But my hubby just brought me whatever I wanted from "the outside", when the nurses weren't looking, lol. EVERY woman should have a peaceful environment to give birth in, w/all the support she needs or wants. Too bad not everyone had the same experience...

Lynette Lynette

I could have all the money in the world and I would still have a homebirth, no hospital required.  Although I probably would have done more home improvements in prep for the birth if I was rich!


Sabri... Sabrinamama4806

You already said it. fluffy sheets and a flatscreen doesnt change the fact that vaginas going to go in fifty directions and my contractions will still hurt. Both of my birthing suites look almos exactly the same except no fancy linen. i had a flat screen both times and a giant birthing tub if i wanted to use it. I dont think there is anything "sweet" about her suite. i think they just know that if they tell a celebrity mom it comes with bells and whistles they will believe it and write that fat check! Plus if i had a ton of money i would be more concerned about "buying" privacy then spending over 10 grand on a room i have to leave in 2-4 days ! 

nonmember avatar Michelle

I gave birth here in the humble state of Minnesota, and had a beautiful room all to myself with a private bathroom. There was an open snack bar on the floor complete with popsicles in the freezer. Sure, it didn't cost $4,000 a night but it was very comfortable and plenty posh to cover the needs of a new mom. The only thing I would pay more for if I had Jessica's bankroll? A better place for my poor (equally exhaused!) husband to sleep. May hospitals seem to be lost on this concept!

organ... organicyogalove

NOPE!  id still have a homebirth any day!!

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