Cute Babies Battle for 1 Pacifier (VIDEO)

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baby pacifier warsWhen it comes to pacifiers, some kids are never given one and know not what they're missing. Others are offered one, and have no interest. Then there are those (like my children) for whom it's love at first suck. They fall in love, and all is well; only the fight to get them to surrender the binky can often be brutal.

Case in point: The two adorable babies in the following video. They both want that piece of plastic, and they're not going to stop until they get it. There's no screaming or crying -- just sheer will and determination.

There's no description with the video on YouTube, so I don't know if they're related or not, but their mission is clear -- get that pacifier. The expressions on their faces are priceless, and I would love to know how it all ended

However, as adorable as it is, I have to say the germ factor is a little unnerving. I remember being at play groups when my kids were small, and doing heroic leaps over toys and furniture if I saw another kid go near my kid's pacifier. I don't think I could have just sat there and watched it happen like this ... even for the sake of such an adorable video.

Did/do you children love pacifiers? Do you love the video, or do the germs make you squirm?


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ameli... ameliacaldeira

it looks like they are twins. i guess that takes more of the germ eww factor out of it


libby261 libby261

time share pacifier!!

Todd Vrancic

Everyone knows that pacifiers are incapable of carrying any germs! (LOL)  I don't know why they are called pacifiers, if my first wanted to scream, she would spit that binky out (across the room) and just scream and cry!  A touch of colic there, I'm afraid.  She's married with her own little one now, so it didn't hurt her any.  My wife and I are still sleep-deprived!

wireh... wirehangers

My kids loved their pacifiers!I did take them away when they were one,though.It's a lot easier that way.They each had one full day of crying and when my oldest held out her hand and said"pwease momma,pwease"I almost cried myself.The good news is they both got over it the very next day and never asked again.The older they get,the harder it is to take away and although it's necessary when they are babies,when they get older  it's really more of a crutch for parents than kids.

ldbc ldbc

Yes, I am thinking twins also. That is the only way I could justify the germ thing. Pretty cute, though.

ShayN... ShayNBrysMommy

My daughter never would take a pacifier. Guess I just lucked out! But my son has taken one since birth and he is almost 9 months. He doesn't cry for it, but I give it to him at nap time and bedtime. He hasn't ever really threw a fit for it though. Maybe I will get lucky with him too! The bottle was what was difficult with my daughter. She will be 4 next month and she still asks for her brothers bottles.

nicke... nickellmomof2

all 3 of my kids love/loved their pacis!!  This video is too stinking cute!  I was also thinking twins here...not too worried about the germ factor if they're related...

nonmember avatar Arliss

Very cute, my daughter with twins will relate but these kids are too old for pacifiers.

nonmember avatar Elena

TWINS! That it's just soooo cute! I love it! I COUDNT stoop laughing, I hope when my TWINCESS get that old they do cute stuff like that loll

Alexandra Paton

That's too cute!! My twins do that all day long, even when they each have a pacifier in their mouth... Except they wrestle for it, and for toys... then comes the hair pulling!! They're 11 months now, I'm considering taking them off the pacifier at one, I know there will be a lot of crying though, especially at naps and bedtime.

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