Cute Babies Battle for 1 Pacifier (VIDEO)

baby pacifier warsWhen it comes to pacifiers, some kids are never given one and know not what they're missing. Others are offered one, and have no interest. Then there are those (like my children) for whom it's love at first suck. They fall in love, and all is well; only the fight to get them to surrender the binky can often be brutal.

Case in point: The two adorable babies in the following video. They both want that piece of plastic, and they're not going to stop until they get it. There's no screaming or crying -- just sheer will and determination.


There's no description with the video on YouTube, so I don't know if they're related or not, but their mission is clear -- get that pacifier. The expressions on their faces are priceless, and I would love to know how it all ended

However, as adorable as it is, I have to say the germ factor is a little unnerving. I remember being at play groups when my kids were small, and doing heroic leaps over toys and furniture if I saw another kid go near my kid's pacifier. I don't think I could have just sat there and watched it happen like this ... even for the sake of such an adorable video.

Did/do you children love pacifiers? Do you love the video, or do the germs make you squirm?


Image via YouTube

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