6 Ways Breastfeeding Gives Moms a Rockin' Body

Cynthia Dermody | Apr 27, 2012 Baby

baby breastfeedingI never intended to breastfeed, did not think it was for me at all. But once I tried it, and loved it, and found that my babies loved it and benefited from it, it was only natural I tried to convince friends and relatives to do the same -- or to at least give it a shot! What many women and newbies don't realize is that for all the nutritional and health benefits there are for baby, there are just as many for mom. Here are 6 amazing benefits to breastfeeding that I love to tell my friends about. Hey, would you mind sharing this for me?


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  • A Strong Heart


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    Not just the awesome bond you'll form with your baby, but a vigorous cardiovascular system, lowering your risk of heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.

    The greatest overall health benefits come after a year of breastfeeding: The odds of having high blood pressure drops by 12 percent; the odds of diabetes decreases by 20 percent; the rates of abnormal cholesterol levels go down by 19 percent; and the overall risk of cardiovascular disease falls by 9 percent, compared to women who never breastfeed.

  • Your Sexy Body Back -- Faster!


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    By burning about 500 calories a day producing milk, you'll get back to your pre-pregnancy weight faster. Your uterus also shrinks more quickly in response to breastfeeding, which means you could be squeezing into those favorite skinny jeans in a few weeks!

  • Healthier Breasts


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    It's so great that breastfeeding is associated with a lower incidence of breast cancer among women who are at particularly high risk: those who have a history of breast cancer in their family.

    Studies have shown that among women with an immediate relative (a mother or a sister) who had breast cancer, those who breastfed had a 59 percent lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

  • A Happier You!


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    And that's because your breastfed infant could have fewer behavioral problems as he grows! More than 100,000 parents found that those who breastfed their babies were less likely to report a psychiatric illness or behavioral problem in their child in the first five years of life.

    And breastfed children were 37 percent less likely to have a medically diagnosed behavioral or conduct problem than those who had been formula-fed. It could be due to better nutrition -- the nutritional composition of breast milk might affect the way your baby's brain develops.

  • You'll Be Rich (Sort Of)


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    Breastfeeding is generally cheaper than formula, though you may have to factor in other expenses like buying or renting a breast pump, nursing bras, breast pads, nipple cream, etc. One comparison figuring in all those extras found that nursing is only about $50 cheaper over eight months. But, hey, that's something, isn't it?

  • You'll Age More Gracefully


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    Breastfeeding protects against osteoporosis, according to kellymom.com. During lactation, a mother may lose bone mineral. A nursing mom's bone density may be 1 to 2 percent lower during the whole time she's nursing. But this is gained back, and the bone mineral density may actually increase when the baby is weaned.

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