Saving Your Baby's First Diaper Is a Crappy Idea

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diaperMay I have your attention please! We have entered a new level of obsessed with our kids. A new poll claims some new moms are saving their baby's first dirty diaper.

Diaper. As in the thing you put on a baby's arse to capture their fecal matter. Diaper. As in that thing that is constantly being reinvented by companies promising to bring us the best in odor-control technology. And people actually want to hang on to these things?

Can you imagine walking into these women's homes? What must that place smell like? One diaper devotee told the British tabloid the Daily Mail that she sprayed it with air freshener and put it in a box to keep the stink at bay. As for why she kept this little stinker?

Changing that first dirty nappy was such an emotional experience for us. It was the moment we knew our daughter was truly well, that everything was working as it should.

Because seeing her move her arms and legs wasn't proof enough that everything was working? Egads.

Now for the good news. Of the women in this nostalgia-powered survey, less than 1 percent copped to keeping the stinky diaper. So this is not a "trend" so much as it is proof that there are some women who are truly disgusting. Let's move on, shall we?

There are plenty more moms holding on to some pretty nasty baby mementos. Nine percent, for example, say they keep stained bibs. Because nothing says "misty water-colored memories" to me like strained peas gone moldy from sitting on a piece of wet cotton for the past 20 years. But hey, it is still better than the dirty diaper.

OK. OK. I said I was moving on from that, but OMG. I don't know if I can. My worldview has been altered ...

Be honest. What is the strangest thing you held on to from the baby days?


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hotrd... hotrdumommy

I have 2 UNUSED preemie diapers that that both of my daughters wore because I still marvel at how small they were but used diapers? Ewww!

libby261 libby261

I have her first shoes, ballet slippers, baby teeth, her boppy (pacifier)  and a lock of hair that she cut off when she got a hold of the scissors but no diaper -- gross!

angie... angiea2105

Eww. No. But I so have a tiny UNused diaper like pp. I saved both My kids embilical cords and first clips of hair.

Melis... Melissa042807

I cannot say the first poopy diaper I changed was an "emotional experience" least not on the same level this lady is talking about...

Lynette Lynette

they should have taken a picture of it if they couldn't part w/ it.  I was pretty excited about that first breastmilk poop, but I had NO problem throwing it away. 

Amy Lynn

i saved a diaper (unused) from my daughters first pack of preemie diapers. i put it in her baby box with a picture of her wearing only a preemie diaper after she was born - the thing looked HUGE on her! lol 

but saving a USED diaper? no thank you.

i also saved my daughter's first pacifier, the blanket the nurses in the NICU made her, her coming outfit, etc. i actually saved a whole target bag full of clothes that were 'special'. her first little dress and shoes. her "i love daddy" footed jammies that she wore so much, etc. nothing weird tho. 

Shannon Dee Bailey

hmmm....let's see...I saved teeth that fell from their first hair cut....a few of their outfits that I thought maybe someday I would make a quilt out of the material for the memories.....yeah I think that is about it for the saving....who saves dirty diapers?  Yuck!  That is just gross. <3

Rose Martinez

Like others I saved a teeny tiny unused preemie diaper and have a picture of when it was huge on him, and a couple outfits but nothing gross.... why poop??? I didn't get that at all.


teddy... teddysmama09

I have my daughters placenta in the freezer. We're going to plant a Rose of Sharon and bury it underneath. I had a homebirth and our options were to burn it or bury it, and since the ground was frozen when she was born we had to keep it in the freezer until the ground thawed. The weirdest thing i have from my son is a lock of hair from his first haircut.

lil0n... lil0ne1991

I kept an unused Preemie diaper and a pic wearing one. Lock of hair, her going home outfit, some 'special' outfits and first slippers. Tons of pictures .. but NO dirty diapers that's gross..

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