iPads for Babies Are a Great Idea if You Like to Throw Money Away

iPadNeed more proof that today's parents have lost their minds? I've got four words for you. Babies are using iPads. And by babies, I mean kids who have not yet reached their first birthday. Infants!

This is the new start 'em young. And it's proof that parents will buy just about anything -- as long as it's being marketed as a way to make their kid smarter. Key word: marketed.


Attention! Parents! Just because there are apps for babies for sale on the marketplace doesn't mean giving your little drooler an iPad is smart!

The experts can debate the intelligence of putting an electronic device in a baby's hand until the cows come home. They'll argue whether the iPad has the benefits of books or the harm of the TV. And you can follow everything they have to say until your neck gets whiplash from the way they go back and forth.

But I'm going to go ahead and bring this one down to brass tacks.

People make things to sell. We live in a consumer-driven society, after all. But the mark of an intelligent person is one who can discern what's worth buying and what is a waste of money. And nothing wastes money faster than putting a $600 item in the hands of someone who still thinks the world's best game is "throw it so they'll go get it." The iPad can wait until they at least understand the meaning of the word "No," can't it?

Do yourself a favor. Save the money you'd spend on apps and buy your baby a few board books. At least there are no electronics to fry in a book when a crawling kid plunks it in the dog's water bowl.

Would you give an infant an iPad? What age is "old enough" for using the iPad?


Image via yto/Flickr

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