8 Reasons Organic Baby Food Is More Affordable Than You Think

In a perfect world, we would all feed our babies all natural, organic fruits and vegetables that were free of pesticides and harmful agents and full of the goodness that will keep them growing strong and healthy. But for many parents, the price difference is limiting.

At Walmart, a 12-pack of Earth's Best Baby Food goes for $19.08 while a 12-pack of Beech Nut might go for more like $12. For many, this price difference is simply too much to handle. And with making one's own baby food, it can be the same.

Simply put: many people believe organic is out of their price range. But it doesn't have to be. Here are eight ways to make organic baby food more affordable:


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  • Eat out less: I know for us, balancing our bank accounts in order to buy all organic meant cuts elsewhere. We looked at our Starbucks coffees and our lunches/brunches out and our three nights a week of take-out, and we quickly realized there was a lot more room in our food budget that we thought.
  • Buy what you can buy: Certain foods absorb more pesticides than others, so if you can't afford to be all organic, maybe you can afford to be 65 percent organic or only 50 percent, but some is better than none.
  • Make your own baby food: Most of these tips are for people who plan to make their own baby food, but it bears repeating. It isn't expensive and will save enough money on baby food that you CAN afford to buy organic.

Shop on sale: It's fine to have a clear idea of what you want, but if you can be flexible, you can find bargains.

  • Shop farmers' markets: Same concept applies here.
  • Shop seasonally: Veggies and fruits are much cheaper in season, even organic ones!
  • Join an organic CSA: One of the best ways to get good organic produce (or even meat) is to join a farm share (Community Supported Agriculture). It's typically a bit cheaper than grocery stores and supports local farmers. Big win all around!
  • Start a garden: If you have outdoor space, why not grow your own organic foods? As your baby grows, she can get it on the fun and learn about gardening herself.

Do you do all organic? If so, how?


Image via Skycladd/Flickr

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