Putting Baby With Creepy Fake Chompers in Breastfeeding Ad Was Totally, Uh, Genius (VIDEO)

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breastfeeding videoTo borrow a phrase from Jerry Seinfeld:

Who are the ad wizards who came up with THAT one?

I truly don't know what else to say about this horror show of a commercial from Louisville, Kentucky. Sadly, this is an ad campaign with good intentions: To encourage breastfeeding in African-American moms.

Why they thought turning a perfectly adorable baby into a toothy demon would do the trick, I honestly don't know.

Here's the weirdest part about the whole thing, in my opinion: I didn't encounter a whole lot of opposition when I was breastfeeding my two kids, but the occasional comments I did get (usually from older women who had their babies when bottle-feeding was all the rage) almost always had something to do with teeth. But you won't keep nursing when she has teeth, will you?! What about when he gets his teeth?! As if the second those chompers break through nursing is like sticking your boob in a bear trap.

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The little girl in this commercial probably doesn't even have any teeth of her own yet. Hey, let's give her a mouth like a barracuda! That'll win those non-breastfeeding moms over!

Seriously, just watch:

Ridiculous, right?!

Do you think this commercial will encourage ANYBODY to breastfeed?

Image via HealthyHometownKY/YouTube



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Noahs... Noahs-Mom

no I don't think it would it is creepy


That is all out scary. Talk about taking some so "natural" and making it totally NOT.

tinyp... tinypossum

Weird. The baby is adorable....at the end. 

Julie Booth-Lamirand

That is flat-out SCARY! Poor little baby -she's so cute at the end without those teeth!

nonmember avatar Jessica

I agree with JAFE... in spite of the commercial's talk of breastfeeding being natural, it sure paints an unnatural scene. Those teeth are very creepy.

mistysun mistysun

Not to go on a breastfeeding jag here but the message was rude too! The teeth distracted from it but it was pushing the fact that you should be "covering up" while breastfeeding to be discreet. Are we really still dealing with this? We actually just had to pass ANOTHER law here in Seattle,WA to beef up the already existing law that women have the right to breastfeed in public anywhere they are allowed to be normally without being harassed or being asked to cover up or go to a more private setting (read dirty nasty restroom) by an employee!

KatieMo KatieMo

I actually liked it..

MamaCass MamaCass

I agree with mistysun.  I was thinking why are they pushing women to cover up with a baby with dentures?  TERRIBLE commercial.  grrrrrrrrrr


Stephanie Carr

Wow, yeah, creepy teeth. If I wasn't already a pro breast feeding type of person I think this ad would not help to make me one. The weird teeth are so distracting that you miss the message.

scekqmom scekqmom

I don't think it's creepy at all. I think it's funny and cute. Exactly what they were trying to do. Can you say sense of humor?

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