12 Adorable Babies Caught Sleeping in Crazy Positions (PHOTOS)

sleeping babyThey tell you not to wake a sleeping baby. But with the wacky ways some of them sleep, it's amazing they don't wake themselves. Yes, our kids are crazy contortionists. But it just adds to the cuteness.

The Stir has gathered a collection of some of the craziest spots our little ones have fallen asleep. Bet you couldn't sleep like this!

What's the weirdest sleeping position you've found your kid using to get comfy?


Image by Dara Barnett

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Deweymom Deweymom

My 3.5 yo took the portable potty into her room to work on a poop. I noticed it got real quiet in her room.

She totally fell asleep on the potty. And yes I was a fantastic mommy and took pictures before I woke her up.

libby261 libby261

When my daughter was little and had learned how to sit up, I would frequently find her in her crib sitting up fast asleep when I when to check on her later!!

yayhe... yayheadstart

Man my kids were NEVER tired enough to fall asleep crazy places! Oh, what I would give sometimes. Even now, at 6 & 7, they could stay up all night if you'd let 'em. New year's eve I had to make them lay down at 2 am! None of my friend's kids even made it to 10. What's up with that?

CPN322 CPN322

My little sister used to fall asleep while rocking in position #4. So funny and cute. They are all cute!

Desere Perrella

i think my boys have fallen asleep in all these positions excep #1 and they never fell asleep on tehir daddys head while on his shoulders either. almost did but didnt. so friggin cute and amazing how children sleep sometimes.

nonmember avatar Heidi Soria

My little one was always fighting her sleep and end up sleeping in the weired places. She was two weeks old and was getting a bath from gramma when we noticed she was asleep in her bath tub.

nonmember avatar Dani

All these pictures are too cute! We caught my youngest passed out in a laundry basket once, she had a blanket in there and everything.

Lacey Boyles

my little girl was playing in her room and it got really quiet so i went in to check on her and she and taken 3/4 of her toys out of the toy box, got in it and fell asleep.

Amanda Ravenstein

I put my kids to bed one night and it was one of those nights that my daughter decided she wanted to stay up late. Well I was listening to her playing and talking in her room and then after a couple hours it finally got quiet so I went to check on her and she had falled asleep laying on her bed with both of her legs up on the wall. I ran to grab my camera and when I came back she only had one leg still up there but it was still a cute picture.

mrs.d... mrs.dimick

My nephew feel asleep one time on his uncles shoulders and used his uncles head for a pillow !!!

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