Oreo Cookie Breastfeeding Ad Gives Best Unintentional Support to Moms (PHOTO)

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I love breastfeeding. And I love Oreo cookies. And just like peanut butter and chocolate, some things do go really well together. Oreos and breastmilk? Okay, probably not for everyone, but why couldn't a toddler enjoy a little cookie and a little milk from mama? That's why when I saw this ad for Oreos featuring an adorable baby breastfeeding while holding a cookie in hand, I thought YES! A product that's a household name supporting breastfeeding (unintentional or not) is a great step in the right direction to help people see it as normal and natural and (as my son loves to say) 'not a big deal' if someone is nursing in public.

The ad, rumored to be only shown in South Korea, has the tagline "Milk's favorite cookie." Check it out for yourself.

oreo cookie breastfeeding ad

Marketing company Cheil Worldwide released this ad dubbed "Basic Instinct" for Oreo cookies but it was not supposed to go public and was instead intended for an advertising forum. Wonder if someone is in trouble? Kraft, the parent company of Oreo, shouldn't be upset. I'm craving Oreos right now. And why wouldn't it make a great ad? It has so many people talking and that's exactly what you want to happen with a product.

Of course breastfeeding averse Facebook deleted the image when shown on Hygeia's page and most sites who wrote about it blurred or blacked out the nipple. Because your eyes may catch on fire if you see a baby breastfeeding.

Yes, the ad isn't perfect. Or really, it's too perfect. That breast looks very airbrushed. But so what? It looks lovely and heavy with milk. And although many seem to take issue with a baby eating an Oreo, I don't see that as a big deal either -- as long as he's at least 6 months old (though I'd wait a bit longer). An visual like this can help moms breastfeed -- it's just one of the ways for breastfeeding to be seen as normal and natural. The oreo may be milk's favorite cookie, but the most favorite milk my babies had came from my breast.

What do you think of the leaked Oreo ad of baby breastfeeding?


Image via KellBailey/Flickr; Oreo

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musem... musemommy1010

I love this ad! It's funny, it (inadvertantly) supports breastfeeding moms, and it does it's job...I want an oreo! Anybody who finds this offensive should really attempt to crawl out from underneath the rock where they're living.

ArmyW... ArmyWife8297

Yah go Oreos. Love it love the picture.

nonmember avatar Dick Green

AHH milk n cookie!!

miche... micheledo

Great ad!!  And to be honest, it does look like an older baby.

KsLotie KsLotie

I love it! Breastfeeding may not be every mothers cup of tea, but it gets supported just them same. As for the ad picture, air brushed or not it gets the point across & as for me I am wanting some Oreos.

Michelle Stringfield Adcox

I love this ad!!!! It's absolutely the cutest thing I've seen in awhile!!!

nonmember avatar Rachel

I love the ad too. Seeing the "censored" ad actually makes it look more obscene than the regular one. Cute baby and cute tag line.

nonmember avatar James

Adorable!! Sales should go through the roof.

nonmember avatar JBB

I LOVE the add. I LOVE breasts.But after pregnancy and childbirth, I've NEVER seen a breast that beautiful. If ONLY....

Caera Caera


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