'Street Fighting' Baby Is Having the Time of His Life (VIDEO)

baby street fighterCall me a judgey mom, but when I saw the words "infant gets a lesson in street fighter," my mouth dropped open and my eyes got wide. But I redeemed myself! Swearsies! I actually watched a dad giving his little guy a lesson in one of the coolest things to come out of Japan since Hello Kitty.

And man did I get a fit of the giggles. I probably laughed as hard as little Ryder, although I can assure you mine was not as cute (is anything as cute as a baby giggle? Really?). That kid LOVED it! And what's more, I realized something about parenting.


This is the kind of thing that separates the moms from the dads. Hold up, that's not a bad thing! But think about it ... how many moms do you know who would practice street fighter moves (safely) with their infant? Maybe a few, but it's by and large more of a guy thing.

Dads often play with the kids differently than moms. I know my husband is the one who was more willing to play airplane, while I was hyperventilating in a corner that he might drop her. But that's probably the best thing he could have done for her. He gave her a different experience than she got with me, and the two sides came together to make the awesome kid we have today.

Something to think about as you get a look at little Ryder and his dad playing "street fighter" and all the fun they're having. I hope you laugh the way I did!

How does the play your significant other does with your child differ from yours?


Image via 420invzim/YouTube

hat/tip to Buzzfeed for uncovering this gem

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