3-Day-Old Baby of Murdered Mom Will Always Know Her Love

Keegan SchuchardtMany of you have read the tragic story of the Houston mom, Kayla Marie Golden, who was shot by Verna McClain when she decided to steal Ms. Golden’s 3-day-old infant, Keegan Schuchardt.

This story breaks my heart for everyone involved: Keegan, who will never know the mother who loved him so much that she gave her life for him; Keith Schuchardt, who will have to raise Keegan and his older sibling alone; and Linda Golden, Kayla’s mother who lost her own child too soon.


In my book, Kayla Marie Golden was a hero. This is what mothers do. We don’t think; we act. Can you imagine if someone tried to take your newborn, your toddler or your child from you? I think most mommies would fight to the death anyone who would try this. If someone would have tried to steal my newborn from me, 3 days after giving birth, they would have had one hormonally charged, completely in love with my child mama bear to contend with. I’m pretty sure the jaws of life or deadly force would have been needed to get me to release my grip on that baby.

Once we have our children it is impossible to imagine our lives without them and why should we? I’ve heard of mothers sacrificing themselves to spare their children, jumping in the line of fire, even killing to save their children. When I hear these stories, I am always taken aback that something so horrible had to happen but I am never shocked.

Moms are heroes for their children. We gave them life and we would give our lives to spare theirs. Moms may not leap tall buildings with a single bound or wear a long flowing cape but they definitely do make the world a better place and keep our children safe.

Would there be any boundaries to what you would do if someone tried to hurt your child?

Image via Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

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