Ashlee Simpson's Baby Name! What Do You Think?


The stork delivered a "BMW" to Ashlee

Thanks to derrickson1 who let everyone in the CafeMom Newcomers Club know that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her rocker husband Pete Wentz are the proud parents of a baby boy named Bronx Mowgli Wentz. The baby was born on November 20, and weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces.


Let's talk about the name. Here's what some of the moms in the CafeMom Newcomers Club had to say about Bronx Mowgli:

My2J.A.P.s says, "Bronx isn't horrible, but Mowgli?"

Ziggy.Stardust says, "Not crazy about the name Bronx ... wonder if she likes the Jungle Book?"

iheartmyshaman says, "I'm sorry but Bronx Mowgli? What kind of name is that?"

AmberDR says, "Mowgli? Like the Jungle Book?"

Blondee512 says, "Glad he's happy and healthy ... his initials are BMW!"

So what do you think of the name?


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