Mom's Intuition Saves 'Dead' Baby From Morgue (VIDEO)

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newbornOk, you may want to sit down before reading this post, because you're really not going to believe what happened to the mother of a newborn baby in Argentina.

Analia Bouter suffered every mom's worst nightmare when she went into premature labor and delivered her baby girl three months too early. Sadly, doctors said the newborn girl was stillborn and "showed no signs of life" after delivery, so they pronounced the baby dead. She was taken away immediately, and her mother never got to see her.

I'm sure you can imagine just how devastated Analia and her husband must have been, but even 12 hours after their baby girl died, she insisted on seeing her child just one last time.

And that's when a true miracle happened.

Analia and her husband went to the morgue, where their newborn had been placed in a refrigerated room. They opened the drawer containing their daughter's remains, and all of a sudden, the baby let out a tiny cry.

Analia initially thought she must be hallucinating when she heard the baby whimper, but it turns out doctors had made an incredible mistake after her birth. The baby was, indeed, alive, and she's doing well and in good condition today. OMG. What would've happened if they hadn't gone to see her in the morgue?!

An investigation is being conducted to see what went wrong after the baby's birth at the hospital, but this story proves just how incredible a mother's intuition can be. It's almost as if something deep inside of Analia was guiding her and telling her that she needed to get over to the morgue to see her baby girl. Subconsciously, she seemed to innately know that something just wasn't right. And thank God she followed her gut.

Can you even imagine how much joy she must be feeling, not only because her daughter is alive, but because she's also the person who saved her life? Nothing can quite compete with a mother's love and devotion to her child -- not even the "expert" opinion of a doctor.

You can hear more about this miracle baby in the video clip below. The story is truly incredible!

Has your mother's intuition ever kept your child out of harm's way?


Image via Nina Matthews Photography/Flickr

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navyw... navywife0204

all I can say is wow... and SO glad they didn't embalm the baby!!

Kritika Kritika

A lot of countries don't do embalming and funerals are pretty much next day. I'm so happy for this family!

craft... craftycatVT

Why would they take a stillborn away so fast? They should at least have given the couple the chance to say goodbye.

carole76 carole76

What a story, I geared up just reading it.

Amanda Childers

Wow, I can't believe that they would not have done some test to determine that first before moving that poor baby to the morgue! Good job mom, stick to your gut it often proves right

Christine Mitchell

thats just irresponsible of the hospital.....but to answer your question at the bottom of the video. Has your mother's intuition ever kept your child out of harm's way? i would have to say yes. One night my 6 yr old decided to sleep next to the heater with his blanket over it. i woke up really suddenly out of bed so went to go check on both my kids and thats when i seen what my son had done luckily nothing was on fire and my son was fine. the blanket was just a little hot so i sat in his room till it cooled down. i thank god every day that nothing bad happened.

EvaSa... EvaSamuel

Mother's intuition is awesome. I have learned to trust what I feel and I have never been wrong. Luckily, I have also never been in a situation that dire. I wish the best for this family!

nonmember avatar Mike M

One of the things an individual learns when they begin researching the spiritual aspect of life is that everything that happens here on Earth is supposed to happen. We often have different opinions and expectations about what we feel is best (that typically being life without conflict and difficulty) than what our soul feels is best (spiritual growth), but our lives play out the way that our soul has wanted or is willing for it to be. (Our soul is aware of all the important milestones we will go through in life before they reincarnate into our body as it is normal for spirits to know the future.) In this case a baby died and later came back to life because the soul that reincarnated into it wanted that to happen. (It is of course a reasonably rare occurrence as souls see the difficulties and conflicts that we go through in life as learning experienced to spiritually grow from, and as such they typically accept events that we deem to be tragic rather than opt for spiritual intervention [which is what occurred here so that the baby could come back to life.]) We often assume that a miracle is what occurred when events such as this occur because we lack the knowledge that souls possess about our lives.

Evilf... Evilfelly07

Thank goodness she followed her intuation. ... but no i have it hasnt happened to me yet, and i hope it never does.

Christie Denham

Mother’s intuition is by far greater than anyone with a PHD can come close to!

My daughter was born with her umbilical cord around her throat. They sent me home with her even though I kept telling the doctors something was wrong. I went to the ER 2 days later and they sent me home with her again, then a day later I went back and told them I wasn't going to leave until the fully checked her as something was wrong.

Long story short: They called me a horrible mom to put a newborn through so many tests and come to find out she had pneumonia and they said if I had went home with her she would have died.

I was furious, but glad I didn't let it go. My daughter is 11 years old now.

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