Alicia Silverstone Tells Why Pre-Chewing Baby Food Is Awesome Parenting (VIDEO)

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bear bluSo, Alicia Silverstone spits ABC food into Bear Blu's mouth and the world says, "YUCK!" I have to admit, it does look gross and it's not something I would do. But it turns out Alicia did not invent Mama Premastication. And she's defending it as an ancient feeding practice.

"People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process." Really?!? Yes, really. Check it out -- a study that shows people have been doing this since the time immemorial to ensure "nutritional adequacy" and support infant health. In fact, the researchers are concerned because parents (in poor communities) have stopped it. So maybe Alicia isn't off her rocker after all!

Or maybe she is off her rocker, but just a little bit. I mean, it's not like they're living in a "poor community" where Bear Blu is at risk for malnutrition. Something tells me he gets plenty of nutrition from that organic garden out back.

But I love that Alicia is trying out something funky and different. Why not experiment a little? Why do we all have to parent exactly the same way? I love that someone out there is doin' the bird feeder and reporting to the world what it's like. I want to live in a world where people experiment and try new things. I think as moms we should celebrate that.

Most importantly, from what I can tell Bear Blu (whatever, he can change his name when he gets older if he wants) is totally okay with premastication. And I think having a mom who is willing to try new and different things is great for kids.

If you can get past the ick factor, do you think Alicia's unusual feeding practice means she's a more open and creative mom?


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lulab... lulabellalula

no no no. maybe they had to worry about nutritional inadequacy back in the day, but i highly doubt alicia silverstone's son will suffer from that. She has to think of the germs & bacteria that are breeding in her mouth that she is transferring to her son with every bite. No thanks. 

nonmember avatar Amanda

I just do not see this as news-worthy. I pre-chew my 9 mo old's food if it's too much for her to chew- like a chicken breast or something. There are times I just don't HAVE TIME to whir it up in a food processor and she is screaming for food OFF THE TABLE that is NOT baby food. She can be quite emphatic. So, I feed it to her. My husband and mom have done the same.

melis... melissabilliot

I have chewed my baby's food up too...but NOT LIKE THAT..she spits the food back into his mouth...GROSS

Dianna Allen

yuck yuck the germs have to ask a doctor abought this and to look at this under a microscope to lurn abought the germs that you know are their wow to think that with all the technological data that we have they would all ready know oh well get informed will you

Jennifer Grasso-Reinhart

Sorry but that is just absolutely disgusting.  I would never ever chew my baby's food up and feed it to her.

mrssu... mrssundin

hey let her parent her child and you parent yours not your child not your problem.

cmorr... cmorris1200

NMK- Not my kid. I have no right to judge.

lateb... latebloomerw4

I think she's a more natural mom than most. His food is not processed and pureed, he will probably like more things. I did the same (though not always) when I had to and even when I was munching on something he wanted that was not of his baby food consistency. My kids all eat broccoli, cauliflower and other things a lot of kids won't even try. Maybe it IS because they were introduced to it early on in a very natural form because they wanted what mommy had in her mouth. I've also seen other kids try to reach into their parents mouth for food. We all laugh and pull back their hands, but that just shows it's very natural for them to want what we have.And if it's our germs you're worried about, better stop kissing them! those germs are there too  :)

 I was never a squeamish mom....except for their backwash into a drink....ewww, it's their drink now!  LOL

nonmember avatar Heather

OH WOW! no way I gagged watching this lol I mean come on I'm like other moms hwo probably bit off a piece of food or had to break it apart with our hands but that is just way too much! feeding him mouth to mouth ugh I'm still gagging!

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Yeah definitely do not find this news worthy. I have prechewed food. Please before spitting out 'news' come up with something better.

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