'Elimination Communication' Could Be Your Ticket Out of Doing the Diapers

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theotherbabybookWant to save money on diapers? You could clip coupons. Or you could try "Elimination Communication." In a nutshell, it's having a close enough connection with your baby that you can read the signs she gives off when she's ready to, er, eliminate something. Then you take her to the nearest toilet and let her go. Wave buh-bye to those toddler toilet training battles -- because you can get started with this as early as right after birth!

In their new book, The Other Baby Book, moms Megan McGorory Massaro and Miriam J. Katz gently walk you through this practice. And they would know how -- they both got it to work for their babies.

I think it's a brilliant idea -- after all, this is how it's done in other countries all over the world. It spares your baby from diaper rashes and saves the planet from countless soiled diapers. Even better, it's one more attachment practice that can help parents learn to be more present and connected with their children.

Of course, I can think of a number of other reasons why this wouldn't work for many families. It depends on at least one parent devoting full-time care to their baby -- and getting enough support at home that they have few distractions when baby is awake. (I mean, good luck getting the daycare to go along with this if you head back to work after maternity leave.) Not every new parent is "wired" to handle this level of intense intimacy with their babies, either.

But the Other Baby Book is meant to be more of a tool box for new parents to pick and choose whatever is helpful -- the authors aren't trying to convince anyone that they HAVE to go with E.C. or any of the other alternative infant care practices.

And if you're dying of curiosity to see how this works, Megan and Miriam have spelled out the whole process with tips and other resources. I'm long past that stage myself, but I have to admit, I'm a little fascinated by the idea.

Have you tried E.C., or are you thinking about trying it?


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libby261 libby261

Nah... Too much pressure on baby and parent.  

nonmember avatar Bethany

We did EC! My baby has pooped on the potty full time since 4 months old and has been in undies full time since 11 months. (She's now 22 months.) Loved washing our cloth diapers less, loved not dealing with poo, loved the bragging rights ;) but MORE than ANY of that, I loved the deep connection with my daughter, responding to her needs and cues to the best of my ability. No pressure, just communicating. Looks different for every family, child, and circumstance. So important not to lose sight of just being present and available -- instead of focusing on "potty training".

Loved this article and review of EC and TOBB. Thanks for the open mind to invite others to check out this WONDERFUL book!!

femal... femaleMIKE

I won't even bother

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Did it. Loved it. Our daughter was "graduated" (i.e. what everyone would consider traditionally potty trained) at 19.5 months. The process is an amazing journey.

Aeris... AerisKate

Bethany, does your daughter wear diapers at night?  My almost oldest will be 4 in June and has been potty trained since age 2.5.  She just started wearing underwear at night after being dry in her pullups for 6 months straight.  At 22 months, I know she wouldn't have woken up to go potty at night.  I'm amazed that kids can do this at such a young age (so that's pretty awesome for your daughter!).  I did'nt know about EC with my daughter and had heard a little bit about it when I was pregnant with my son (he is now 9 months).  With a preschooler running around (especially a very curious one) - I don't think I could have even tried with my son.  I think it would be overwhelming for me anyway. 

Jennifer Wenzel

It does NOT have to be an all or nothing 24/7 kind of thing. We do it part time, with cloth diapers as back up. They tend to pee when waking up, start with offering then, work from there! It is an amazing feeling.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

We do part time EC. With cloth diapers as backup. DD was potty trained at 13 months.

Lovem... Lovemykidstw

I think this is very interesting. I heard about it when pregnant with my son but with an 18 month old running around also, it wouldnt have worked well for us. I have recently switched my son who is 18 months over to cloth diapers & I have noticed that he is starting to realize when he pees.

nonmember avatar Mel

Yep, I agree, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. YOU CAN STILL USE DIAPERS! We did it with our son, now four, and are doing it with our ten-month old as well. Our baby wears diapers basically full-time. When you don't get a chance to take them potty, they go in the diaper, which would happen anyway, right? There doesn't have to be any "pressure." And if we offer the potty and he doesn't need to go, he will let us know. It's just another (easier, cleaner, and better IMO) way of dealing with a baby's pee and poop. Who wouldn't want poop to land directly in the toilet rather than peeling it off your baby's bum with wipes?

Aislinn Bradley

Doing it and LOVING it!! Wouldn't have it any other way and neither would they :) 

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