Fancy Baby Beauty Products Don't Have to Break the Bank

baby products expensive"I'm Worth It."Another day, another article that shows how completely crazy today's parents have gone. When I first read the Gawker headline, "Are You Spending Enough Money on Beauty Products for Your Ugly Baby?" I was ready to roll my eyes along with the rest of you guys. Then I read the original article in The New York Times "Style" section and realized I had these same soaps and lotions in my house. Oh my, am I one of "those" moms?

So I checked out my account and did some figuring. I think I'm missing something, because somehow they're spending hundreds of dollars a month on baby products, and I'm not even breaking $30. And we enjoy the same all-natural, organic brands. Here's what I'm doing.

I bought the calendula cream about six months ago. It sells for $12.99, and I still have plenty to last for the rest of the year since I only use it on dry patches on my kids' skin. So that's a little over a dollar a month. My big purchase is the California Baby Super Sensitive shampoo and body wash at $21.99. But that lasts me at least a month, for both kids. Lotions are whatever I'm using at the moment, so that's a shared expense. But let's just say, being liberal, I spend $25 a month on baby products. That's dramatically less, and I buy all-natural, organic, "fancy" types of things too. I use Kiehl's lotions on myself and my kids, for Pete's sake. Yet, I'm spending nowhere near the amount of these other moms.

What the heck are these ladies slathering on their babies? Are their kids just much larger than my own? Granted, my little ones don't get a rub down with Kiehl's Creme de Corps every single day, because they don't need it. They're kids, not dry-skinned adults. And while we do take baths almost every day, hair does not get washed every day. Maybe I just have dirty kids, but hey, when they're clean and lotioned -- it's totally fancy. And not that expensive. I don't get it. Is there an "exclusive" line of California Baby products that I'm not privy to? WEIRD.

Do you spend a lot of money on soaps and lotions for your kids?

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nonmember avatar Jane

No, we use Dr. Bronner's for all our home and body cleansing needs with vinegar picking up the slack. For 'lotion' I use coconut oil, almond oil, or cocoa butter. I thought this would be about baby mascara and crap, so I I'm glad it's not. Although there is nothing wrong with rubbing some beet juice on those cheeks for an extra cute pic! Anyway, Idk how much it costs for 'baby beauty products' in my home, but it's not much.

antfa... antfarmer101

Wow, my poor kids are really getting the short end of the stick, I guess. I buy J&J body wash for the baby and a detangler for the 2 year old. Otherwise, they get what we use. So I spend MAYBE $10 a month? lol

nonmember avatar Mamabear

Hey antfarmer, you might want to research j&j products. I used to use them until I started noticing how many recalls were taking place with their products not to mention they recently admitted to formaldehyde being in their products as well. They have widely known cancer causing ingredients. I know the natural and organic stuff is a little more pricy but everytime you buy a product your casting a vote for what the public wants. Sorry I don't want to sound preachy I just hate how safe and sweet they try to make themselves sound to the public when they knowingly poison our children.

Monamou Monamou

My son has very sensitive skin...i switched him to the all natural stuff and now he smells like a bowl of oatmeal lol. The body wash works for hair and its like ten bucks and lasts for months.his dry skin cost me maybe 20 a month bc he needs lotioned 3 times a day.

Rachel Jepson Wolf

I own LuSa Organics (a small organic baby body care company) and I am constantly surprised by what moms tell me they used to spend on product. We make our products with certified organic ingredients - by hand - and still ring in at a reasonable price point. While price and quality are often related, good product doesn't need to cost a fortune. But please - read your labels to make sure you are getting a truly natural product.

nonmember avatar Jami

We use California Baby and the 21$ bottle of ultra sensitive lavendar scented lasted us 6 months. I use an organic, fair trade lotion on him. it was 10$ and has lasted 8 months and will go well beyond once year. It doesn't cost us a fortune to keep the LO clean at all!!
Antfarmer- definitely do your J&J research... it is laden with chemicals.

Elizabeth Arce

Heck I spend about $20 a year. I buy a $4 bar of Dr. Bronner's baby mild soap and that can do hair and everything else. Plus it lasts 6+ months if everyone in the house uses it so if you figure on the high side thats about $8 a year for soap+shampoo for the family and $40 for ultra balm that I just slather on my kids and myself and that lasts 3 years so far so thats about $22 a year or $1.80 a month.

Melissa Smith Gordon

@rachel jepson Wolf ... I just ordered some of your products for the first time last week! I heard good reviews for cranky pants and sleepy baby I think is what they are called. I also bought your natural bug repellant and a couple other things. I can't wait to try them!

Lindsey Bussie

@ Rachel-We we LuSa stuff! You guys make awesome products. My whole family got hooked! And we also use Dr Bronner's too, but it's sad that we have to work hard to find good products for our kids, not just bath stuff, but food, clothing, diapers, etc...

nonmember avatar Tiffany

I have 3 kids, 2 of them have ultra sensitive skin! We use calĂ­fornia baby on our littlest, we have had the same bottle for 8 months (a little goes a long way) I never thought I would have kids ALLERGIC to J&J! My husband thought I was crazy to spend so much but it has lasted so long! Our baby also has baby eczema so doc only wants her bathing once or twice a week max, we just wipe her down everyday with a warm cloth.

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