Fancy Baby Beauty Products Don't Have to Break the Bank

baby products expensive"I'm Worth It."Another day, another article that shows how completely crazy today's parents have gone. When I first read the Gawker headline, "Are You Spending Enough Money on Beauty Products for Your Ugly Baby?" I was ready to roll my eyes along with the rest of you guys. Then I read the original article in The New York Times "Style" section and realized I had these same soaps and lotions in my house. Oh my, am I one of "those" moms?

So I checked out my account and did some figuring. I think I'm missing something, because somehow they're spending hundreds of dollars a month on baby products, and I'm not even breaking $30. And we enjoy the same all-natural, organic brands. Here's what I'm doing.


I bought the calendula cream about six months ago. It sells for $12.99, and I still have plenty to last for the rest of the year since I only use it on dry patches on my kids' skin. So that's a little over a dollar a month. My big purchase is the California Baby Super Sensitive shampoo and body wash at $21.99. But that lasts me at least a month, for both kids. Lotions are whatever I'm using at the moment, so that's a shared expense. But let's just say, being liberal, I spend $25 a month on baby products. That's dramatically less, and I buy all-natural, organic, "fancy" types of things too. I use Kiehl's lotions on myself and my kids, for Pete's sake. Yet, I'm spending nowhere near the amount of these other moms.

What the heck are these ladies slathering on their babies? Are their kids just much larger than my own? Granted, my little ones don't get a rub down with Kiehl's Creme de Corps every single day, because they don't need it. They're kids, not dry-skinned adults. And while we do take baths almost every day, hair does not get washed every day. Maybe I just have dirty kids, but hey, when they're clean and lotioned -- it's totally fancy. And not that expensive. I don't get it. Is there an "exclusive" line of California Baby products that I'm not privy to? WEIRD.

Do you spend a lot of money on soaps and lotions for your kids?

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