Baby Born on a Plane Has 'MacGyver'-Worthy Birth Story

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When a woman flies pregnant, it's always in the back of her head, lurking somewhere. It's fear. Oh my God, is it possible I could go into labor on the plane? The fact is, 99.999999 percent of the time, obviously, she won't. But one woman who was flying to Georgia from Ghana on an international flight was in the upper 1 percent.

Lucky for her, there was a doctor on board and a quick thinking flight attendant who were able to turn her birth into a healthy experience for everyone.

Flight attendants grabbed gloves, paper towels, and hot towels from business class. There were scissors inside the galley gear bag and everything was sterilized with a paper cup of vodka. When the baby came out, one passenger handed off his shoe strings to tie off the cord. Amazing, right?

It's an inspiring story and one that should make moms a little less scared about labor and delivery. When a baby wants to come, he or she is coming, like it or not. And most of the time, all the fancy instruments and gear we think we need to deliver the baby aren't needed at all.

What matters most is confidence, quick thinking, and mom's strength and ability to hold her baby and nurse him quickly. These aren't things that are only found in a hospital.

Obviously no one would say airplane birth is ideal (right?), but the fact is, birth is about as natural a thing as humans do. We eat, we sleep, we go to the bathroom, we have sex, and we give birth. No one tells us HOW to do all these things. We just do them.

The mom, a first-time mom who was flying alone, must have been terrified, but it's kind of amazing that the passengers all rallied together to bring her son into the world. They applauded for him and all helped this poor mom nobody would have envied in that moment. It says a lot about human nature, too.

As a mom, it makes me feel good to know there are people in the world like this who would come together, think quickly, and help to give my baby a healthy start. Some would say it takes a village, but, in this case, it only took one full airplane en route to Atlanta.

Does this story make you happy, too?


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Stacey. Stacey.

Aww, she must have been so scared!

Even though the "fancy" stuff is mostly not needed during birth, the peace of mind it gave me having it near was priceless.

comf comf

Very nice but I wonder why they had to tie off the cord? Were there complications?

nonmember avatar Ashley

They always clamp an umbilical cord after birth, the clamp stays on for about 24 hrs

nonmember avatar fallon

The only way to go into labor on an airplane is by ignoring the bodies warning signs that occurred as early as a week or a couple days prior to delivery. Thank goodness, there was a doctor on board and everyone was will to help. Glad this ended well nevertheless, the stupidity of this woman putting herself and her baby, and the other passengers on the plane in jeopardy should not be overlooked.

Todd Vrancic

Not everybody has those "early warning signs" a couple of days to a week before delivery.  My wife went to work then went into labor on her shift.  The baby, our lovely younger daughter, was a month early, and my beautiful wife assuredly would not have gone into work if there were "early warning signs" of labor.

Jadem... Jademom07

I'm going to be a little negative.  Without knowing more details, a few questions come to mind.

1.  How far along was she as most docs will be against flying late in pregnancy for just this reason.

2.  Was she a US citizen or was she from Ghana and hoping to have the baby in US airspace.  Surefire way to get the baby UZ citizenship.

this seems a repeat of another story from last year and the woman was trying to have the baby on US soil so she could stay in the country.

That being said, I'm glad that everything turned out fine for both mom and baby and that there were people there that could help.


Fallon with my first baby I had no warning signs of labor until 12 hours before I had him. No contractions, no bloody show, no dilatation, no effacment. Nothing. Unless you count the fact that I was 41 weeks 5 days pregnant.

nonmember avatar fallon

JAIRATRACI- I admit every pregnancy situation is different and there is always an exception to every rule. However, you still had a 12-hour heads up window before actual delivery, every little bit of time helps. The fact that the woman was to far along in her pregnancy to be flying in the first place is what I find strange. Her doctor stated that her scheduled due date was April 13, but she had the baby on March 23. In addition, I read another article that stated that the doctor gave the woman clearance to fly, what doctor would allow a woman to fly in her third trimester?

nonmember avatar Millie

A quick Google search of this story will tell 'JadeMom07' that the woman is an American from California. She also had clearance from her doctor.

But yes-way to go negative.

nonmember avatar lilly

i think she was a dumb ass and had no buisness flying. luckily she didnt harm her baby. doctors arent god and dont know when that baby was coming. doctor told me my first son wasnt coming for weeks had him 2days later. they dont know. get a new doctor. he should have never told her to fly. and she should have had more sense. the whole thing is stupid.

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