A Stylish Nursery in a Tiny Space IS Possible (PHOTOS)

nurseryAfter the initial shock, excitement, and joy of learning I was pregnant wore off, I started panicking. Not panicking like "Holy, s**t, I'm going to have a child" (though I do get that, too), panicking about the fact that my husband and I live in an 800-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

We tossed around the idea of moving for a few days during the first trimester. But then we came to the conclusion that we weren't budging. At least not yet. Our neighborhood is amazing (and extremely child-friendly); we have a decent deal on rent; we're close to our jobs; and when we do eventually move, it's going to be into a place we own.

So, we've made do. We've managed to create a nice little nursery (on the relatively cheap) in our tiny, humble abode. It's cute, it's stylish (I think), and I imagine our little girl will be perfectly happy in here ... for now.

Check out the before and after pics!

Before we get into it, though, full disclosure, I live in a railroad apartment (a long, skinny apartment), and there is a little "room" type of thing in between our living room and bedroom. There aren't any doors; nope, no windows; and it used to be where we kept our dining table (we now eat at the coffee table -- ah, the lap of luxury). Anyway, here it is.



See where that dude is standing? That's the hallway. The other side of the panel curtain room divider -- which we he installed with IKEA shades -- is the room. Pretty small.


Another shot. Nothing says "Welcome home, Baby!" like a blank brick wall.



A little better, right? Some light beige paint, pictures, and whimsical, sparkly things can do wonders.


A closer shot of the wall. The garland is from Confetti System and the white, flower mobile is from Etsy.


A closer shot of the pictures -- which are actually just framed art cards from Wee Gallery!


The other side of the room. The changing table is a Malm dresser from IKEA (with o'verlays), and the bookshelf is the Expedit shelving unit -- also IKEA. Clearly.


I stupidly didn't get a shot of the rug -- but it's a skinny, runner kind of deal. And, of course, note the Diaper Genie in the background.


Some of her books.


Baskets have been my best friends. Since we don't have much storage, we've filled these bad boys up with "baby toiletries," burp clothes, socks, bibs, etc.


The headdress. Okay, most people think I'm weird for this, but I have a thing with headdresses -- they're so colorful and beautiful. As odd as it sounds, I kind of couldn't imagine my girl's room without one. And it was literally under $5 from Amazon.

Not bad for an itty-bitty apartment, if I do say so myself. And, thankfully, we didn't spend a million dollars during "the transformation." I guess that's one of the perks to only having 20 square feet to decorate!

Did you live in a small space when you had your first baby? Any space-saving tips you want to share?


Images via Nicole Fabian-Weber


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starl... starlight1968

you could hang some clothes from the line and it look like an "old timey laundry line" but with the really cute clothes...with the brick there that made me think of it.

nonmember avatar Jesse

It's perfect! You guys did a great job. What a great idea. You don't really need much more than that. Maybe you can squeeze in some seating. I didn't have room for a big rocker, so I got a small upholstered chair at Restoration Hardware that doesn't take up too much room and it's like enough to push around with one hand. I even like the brick wall - it makes a bit more cozy as opposed to having drywall there.
May I suggest switching places of the frames and the hangy sparkly thingy? I'm always nervous with hard things hanging above a sleeping baby. Plus the mobile is really beautiful and it would stand out more with a little more breathing space around it.

Jessy Roos

It's looks great! Love that you went minimal and sweet without being cutsie. AND a huge congrats on making your small space work. Lots of people wouldn't be up for the challenge but you've done a fantastic job.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I don't know crap about New York and radiators, but is it unsafe to have the crib that close to it?

That said, you did a great job with a small space! I couldn't have done that. But really, that's all a baby needs at first. Once you're looking at a toddler bed, it gets a little iffy. But you're golden for a few years!

hutch... hutchfam2007

Ashjo -- I was actually thinking the same thing about the radiator. IF it is a working heater, baby could stick her lil' arm out and burn her hand come winter time. Other than that, you did a great job with the space you have. It is very well organized... wish I could say the same thing for my lil' one's nursery due around the same time as your little girl. I have a lot of work to do in the closet!! lol.

Mommy... Mommy2justone

Ashjo85- We had radiators in our house when my daughter was born, you can lay a towel on it and it will not catch fire, it is just hot to the touch. If I had to have the crib that close I would get a Framed box to fit over the radiator so baby doesn't touch it.

nonmember avatar LilyAnn12

I would love to know where the crib came from and what size it is... We are in the same type of space and I feel like there's no way to make it work but seeing your ideas gives me hope !

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

Very sweet nursery area!

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