Sherri Shepherd's 'DWTS' Rumba Is an Inspiration to Moms of Preemies Everywhere (VIDEO)

sherri shepardI already admired Sherri Shepherd for having the best, most upbeat attitude ever -- and that was before Personal Story Week on Dancing With the Stars. Now that I know about the actress/comedienne/View co-host's painful experience as a new mom, I'm pretty much in awe of her positivity, particularly as a parent.

Personal Story Week calls on DWTS contestants to dance to the "most memorable year" of their lives. In Shepherd's case, 2005 wins the "most memorable" prize: That was the year her son Jeffrey was born premature, at 25 weeks -- weighing just 1 pound, 10 ounces.

Shepherd tweeted:


“Jeffrey almost taken off life -- support @25 weeks but a miracle @the last min (& shouting from @NiecyNash) saved his life #preemie. … My Rumba is about my struggle w God when I almost lost Jeffrey at 25 weeks -- trying 2 understand why & God telling me to trust Him w my son.”

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Thankfully, she didn't lose Jeffrey (he's now 6 years old and SO CUTE!). And just as you would expect from someone who gives off as much enthusiasm and energy as she does, Shepherd turned that difficult time into an opportunity: The opportunity to become the best mom she could be.

"I realized that I couldn't give everything I had in helping to take care of him. So I had to give myself permission to take the actress Sherri and the stand-up comedian Sherri, put 'em on the shelf with the fine china and focus on being a mom. And it was the best thing I did."

Can you imagine how it feels for Shepherd to look out into the DWTS audience and see Jeffrey cheering her on? Sherri Shepherd is a true inspiration to moms of preemies -- and every other kind of mom, too.

Does Sherri Shepherd's positive attitude inspire you as a mom?

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