Bruce Willis & Emma Heming Go Old School With New Baby

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Bruce WillisNews out of the Demi Moore camp has been pretty sad for the past few months, so how about something good? Demi's ex, Bruce Willis, is a daddy again! His wife, Emma Heming, delivered a baby girl over the weekend!

That brings papa Bruce to a total of four -- count 'em, four -- daughters. That's a lot of estrogen chez Willis! But while it's business as usual in the gender camp, this little girl's name makes it pretty clear she is not a Bruce and Demi production.

So what did Emma and Bruce name their more than 9-pound (yikes!) sweetie?

Mabel Ray Willis!

Wait a minute here. Mabel? What happened to quirky names like Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah? His older daughters all boast monikers memorable for their uniqueness.

But Mabel is, well, it's so ... old-fashioned! Not that that's a bad thing necessarily. I've noticed naming trends are somewhat cyclical, and the so-called "old lady" names are coming back. I know at least two moms with little girls named Beatrice, and there are more Mollys than I can shake a stick at (sorry, it seems my phrasing has gone back a few generations along with the names).

I'm just surprised when parents follow on particular naming pattern through a series of kids and then suddenly change it up. Even with a second marriage, and Emma putting in her two cents on the name of her little girl, I'm hoping Bruce had at least some say in the matter. Then again, maybe the "offbeat" names were all Demi's doing and Bruce wanted to go traditional all along!

Either way ... congrats to the new family!

Did you start with a naming pattern with your older kids and then throw everyone for a loop when you changed?


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the4m... the4mutts

Actually, I did the opposite. Gave my oldest the "quirky" name, and the rest got more traditional type names. Child #4 has 2 middle names, one of which is a girls name.

My family didn't know what to expect. It was kind of funny. Child #2 has my initials, child #3 got her middle name from an ex g/f of my brother's, who's name I happened to love.

Nick names now? Don't get me started! In order of ages oldest-youngest; captain obnoxious, princess bird butt, big girl pouty pants, and little hippy.

My poor children.

Stacey. Stacey.

Thank Goodness they went with something, er, better? than rumer or scout. although, mabel sounds like a golden retreiver's name, at least they can call her Maybe haha.

mmtos... mmtosam06

Congrats to the new family

Freela Freela

I kind of think that, in a new relationship, naming trends are kind of 'off.'  I know if I was a second wife I wouldn't want to continue a trend that the first wife started! 

jessi... jessicasmom1

Congraulations to the new family!

Leslie Leon-Cremeens

My first child was Jessica, named such because Jessica Buchanan on One Life to Live was born just before my daughter and I loved the name Jessica.  Next, we had a son and named him Stephen.  Next, we had another son and named him Jeremy.  I worked with a kid named Jeremy and he was the nicest, sweetest boy ever so I fell in love with his name.  After that we had another son whom I wanted to name Andrew but my husband wanted the name Sean.  We realized, at this point, we had a pattern going on so when I was pregnant for the 5th time, we purposely looked for an acceptable "J" name and my husband, a huge Cleveland Indians fan, decided he really liked the name Jaret, after the pitcher Jaret Wright.  Years later, I had remarried and surprisingly ended up pregnant. My new husband and I decided to keep the pattern going so our child would feel equal to their half-siblings and we decided if it was to be a girl, we would name her Sara after my grandmother.  He turned out to be another boy so we named him Seamus---because we both have strong Irish roots!

nonmember avatar Jo

Actually, Tallulah is an old fashioned name. Also happens to be one I really like. Mabel is ok too.

nonmember avatar anon

My oldest is Vincent Andrew because my husband's didn't want to break his huge Sicilian family's 9 generation tradition of naming the first son Vincent, with the middle name in honor of a brother. I've always liked the name and it really does seem to suit them both...Our daughter's name is Alice Andrea. Alice was the name at the top of both of our lists when we went to compare and Andrea is for his little sister...and this is where it gets weird. We just had a second son - Moz Tenzin. Moz because we both love the Smiths and Morrissey, Tenzin because its one of the given names of the current Dalai Lama. We both converted to Buddhism quite a few years ago and the Dalai Lama is someone we respect very much so it just felt right.
Vincent, Alice, and Moz...nope, I don't think our families were expecting that last one.

mik1of3 mik1of3

My daughter was named Scotti for four reasons.  First and foremost, because my granny had a favorite character on one of  her 'stories' with that name, and when I was PG she said she'd always hoped one of her 14 granddaughters would name their daughter Scotti.  Second, the author F Scott Fitzgerald named HIS daughter Scottie.  Third, her father's name is Scott, and fourth, I know how irritating it is to have the same name as God knows how many other girls on this earth, so I didn't want her to be yet another Hanna, Emma, Emily.... ( looks really cute on a letter jacket!)


I was hoping he'd have a boy this time, but speaking as one of three daughters, and each of us have produced one daughter (still no sons, my poor dad is going to die surround by estrogen!) more power to him!

Mabel Ray?    I don't like Mabel, but hey, beats the crap out of Apple, Zuma, Suri, etc.

I guess you can tell by his other kids' names who wore the pants in THAT marriage. Psycho beech. 

Butte... Butterflysky_24

Mabel is an old lady name. My great grandma's name was Maybelle and she was 90 when she died 10 years ago... I don't see how these names are trendy...

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