Bruce Willis & Emma Heming Go Old School With New Baby

Bruce WillisNews out of the Demi Moore camp has been pretty sad for the past few months, so how about something good? Demi's ex, Bruce Willis, is a daddy again! His wife, Emma Heming, delivered a baby girl over the weekend!

That brings papa Bruce to a total of four -- count 'em, four -- daughters. That's a lot of estrogen chez Willis! But while it's business as usual in the gender camp, this little girl's name makes it pretty clear she is not a Bruce and Demi production.

So what did Emma and Bruce name their more than 9-pound (yikes!) sweetie?


Mabel Ray Willis!

Wait a minute here. Mabel? What happened to quirky names like Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah? His older daughters all boast monikers memorable for their uniqueness.

But Mabel is, well, it's so ... old-fashioned! Not that that's a bad thing necessarily. I've noticed naming trends are somewhat cyclical, and the so-called "old lady" names are coming back. I know at least two moms with little girls named Beatrice, and there are more Mollys than I can shake a stick at (sorry, it seems my phrasing has gone back a few generations along with the names).

I'm just surprised when parents follow on particular naming pattern through a series of kids and then suddenly change it up. Even with a second marriage, and Emma putting in her two cents on the name of her little girl, I'm hoping Bruce had at least some say in the matter. Then again, maybe the "offbeat" names were all Demi's doing and Bruce wanted to go traditional all along!

Either way ... congrats to the new family!

Did you start with a naming pattern with your older kids and then throw everyone for a loop when you changed?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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