Mom Delivers Her Own Baby in Front Seat of Car Driving 85 MPH

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speeding carSome women make giving birth look so easy. Like the mama who delivered her baby in 10 minutes while on board a ferry. Labor? Yeah, no big thing for her. We humans actually have it a lot easier than most animals -- the octopus dies after birth and the sloth not only births upside down, but then is still physically attached for the next six weeks to baby who never lets go.

Crazy. Lucky, perhaps. Our ability to birth is amazing. We just have to trust that ability ... or you know, get stuck somewhere far from the hospital when it's go-time so we have no choice. This mom proves that it's totally okay if you have your baby somewhere unplanned ... like right there in your car. Because she did it in the front seat while her husband sped through town.

I can see paradise by the dashboard light .... I can't help but reference that Meatloaf tune. And yeah, that song is more about what you do to make a baby rather than have the baby, but paradise it was for the swift delivery of Christy Henry's baby boy at 2:03 a.m. in the front seat of the family's Toyota RAV4 while husband Matt was speeding up Interstate 5 in San Diego to get to the hospital. "I just had the baby" was what she said as baby Liam was born.

Despite the high speed race to the hospital, I can't help but sense a calmness between these two. Well three if you count baby.

“My wife is such a rock star, to deliver her baby into her own hands,” Matt told UT San Diego.

Rock star indeed. But the front seat delivery isn't the only thing to give this couple rock star status. Christy was four days past her due date, yet clearly wasn't panicking until that night around midnight when she knew it was time. Christy stayed at home while Matt took their 22-month-old son Ryder to a friend's place before they went to the hospital. And you know what this family calls home? A 41-foot boat.

They live on a boat! They have a baby in a car! They did save the umbilical cord cutting until they arrived at Kaiser Permanente hospital. Liam was 6.17 pounds and 19.5 inches. 

So if she had the baby at home on their boat, would it be considered a water birth? I kid. I do wonder if the rocking boat helps baby sleep, though.

Fascinating folks, these Henrys!

“It’s obviously not the way we planned it, but the Lord had us in mind. We didn’t panic. He had a great plan, and we have a great story,” Matt said.

Matt is a pastor at EastLake Church in Imperial Beach where Christy runs the children's ministry. The family will introduce little Liam "speedracer" to their congregation on Easter Sunday.

Giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital may be one of the biggest fears pregnant mamas have. What do you think of this story? Does it make you no longer fear where you give birth?


Image via Ana Patricia Almeida/Flickr



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Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Isn't there a point at which you should pull over?

MamaC... MamaCass1219

By the title I thought it meant SHE was driving 85 miles per hour and delivered her baby ..LOL . THAT would of been something , ha . It's not like no other baby in the world has ever been born in a vehicle on route to the hospital . Our 3rd almost made his entrance in the front of my husbands Dodge truck . Thankfully we made it to thehospital with just 9 minutes to spare .

So very glad baby is healthy and all is well , congrats to the parents !

xiney... xineymarie

The titles are always ridiculous. Seriously, the story is interesting enough - why sensationalize it with a misleading headline?

nonmember avatar Daevans

Funny thing is, I know these people :). I go to eastlake church, but the one in chula vista

Amy Lynn

How do you not make it to a hospital in SD @ 2am? There's hospitals everywhere in San Diego! lol But really - very happy mommy and baby are safe and healthy! 

Ginger Bartholomew

My ex and I had a car cleaning service and it so happened a man came in with blood on the back seat of his car. He said they didn't make it to the hospital could we clean it. Well he did get it out and got a great tip for it. BTW it was a boy. He must be about 20 now and I wonder how many times his mom and dad remind him where he way born.

Elexsis Gregory

What an awesome story. They were smart to leave the cord.

nonmember avatar stormie

My cousins girlfriend had her baby in the front seat of her car too. my cousin was in driver seat and his soon to,be momma in law and 2 year old daughter was in back seat

nonmember avatar GagesMama

I agree, the title to this was very misleading! I thought, how the heck did she manage that (delivering a baby while driving)? Must've had it on cruise control!

But I totally agree with MommaGreenhalge. They should've been pulling over and calling 911. Maybe I'm paranoid, but what if some other driver had hit them?? And did that baby ride in the front seat the rest of the way to the hospital? I'm glad everyone is ok, but I guess I can't get past all the 'what ifs.'

BriLee BriLee

My water broke this morning at 1:20. It's now 10am and I'm hanging out at my hospital. Not too bad! This is my third. I'm rocking away waiting to have my baby! Oh yeah, after my water broke I was in the shower shaving. Haha! Never crossed my mind that I'd be giving birth in the highway. I even crAwled back into bed to cuddle with my oldest before leaving. Good for this mama!!! You do what you gotta do.

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