Baby Climbing Huge 'Rock Wall' Will Give You Heart Palpitations (VIDEO)

rock climbing babyI was watching the latest video of a baby doing something that has the parenting world freaking out -- rock climbing in this case, and yes, I know, but we'll get to that in minute -- when it hit me. Nothing really prepares you for the day your sweet, innocent, fragile little baby starts climbing everything like they're part monkey and your house is a jungle.

Oh sure, you babyproof the heck out of your house because people have warned you about this kind of thing. But what you should really be doing is taking some kind of anti-heart attack supplement for the day you walk from your bathroom into the living room and find your wee little snookums on top of the TV. Mind, you just left the room 3.9 seconds ago to grab those organic teething tablets out of the medicine cabinet, and she was on the floor gnawing on a teether when you left.

So what does this all have to do with that rockclimbing cutie in his diaper?


Because people are going absolutely bananas over how scary this is! It seems their hearts just can't take it. So, with that in mind, let's roll the videotape, shall we?

Hmm. OK, so most of us don't have a literal rock climbing wall in our living rooms (or wherever this is). And I would hope there was something soft for this kid to land on, or an adult with arms outstretched below. But on face value of this video, I just can't get too up in arms about this one. My heart got enough of a workout when my little climber was this age!

Real babies go from cute and content with sitting still to climbing everything in sight. For awhile there, my daughter thought I was put on earth simply to serve as her jungle gym. I would get a pudgy little foot in the eye at least once an hour. And I seem to recall peering out the window at a birthday party one day to see that my cousin's teeny weeny little cutie had somehow managed to climb up with the big kids and gone through the window of the clubhouse at the TOP of the swing set.

Kids climb. And they climb high! It's what they do. And somehow our hearts survive it.

What have you caught your kid climbing?


Image via VarcityMediaConcepts/YouTube

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