Couple's Worst Crime Is Bringing Their Baby to a Break-In

baby goes on burglary
Do you want your baby to wind up here?
Honestly, it's just common sense. There are some adult activities your baby should not be exposed to, no matter what. For example, my husband and I are going out tonight to have a few drinks, maybe some dancing. Do you think our baby should be hanging out in the seedy club we'll most likely stumble into, slightly under the influence? No. That's why we called the babysitter.

Just as new parents, Holly Watkins and James Wren of Tulsa, should have done when they decided to take their 4-month-old baby along on a robbery. But no, they instead exposed their baby to a life of crime. Bravo, parents. Bravo.


But clearly this couple is not playing with a full deck, as they attempted to rob someone's home in broad daylight. They were caught when the people who lived there came home and saw Wren's Tahoe parked in the driveway and the screens on their windows removed. This story would be a hilarious tale worthy of a Darwin award if not for the fact that their 4-month-old baby was found crying in the car.

The couple has been charged with burglary, obstructing an officer, knowingly concealing stolen property, and child endangerment. The baby is with the Department of Human Services. Hopefully a home will be found for this brand new being that has zero idea that his life is so totally not valued by his parents.

I get that some people are all about the life of crime. They're dirt bags, scum, and all-around bad guys. But couldn't you just drop the baby off with Grandma before you go on your crime spree? Or a trusted friend? Honestly. I won't even go to a PTA meeting without getting a sitter for my youngest.

What do you think should happen to this baby?


Image via dr_XeNo/Flickr

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