Alicia Silverstone’s Gross Baby Feeding Method Is Cry for Attention -- We Hope!? (VIDEO)

Alicia Silverstone Bear BluRemember when Alicia Silverstone was that actress from Clueless who didn't mind going naked for PETA. Hold that thought. Cherish it. Because once you hear how the mother of 11-month-old Bear Blu feeds her child, you're never going to be able to look at her the same way again.

In possibly the most disturbing video I've seen in weeks, Silverstone has shared with the world her habit of chewing up her kid's food, and then regurgitating it into his mouth. I'm trying to come up with something nice to say, and ...


Sorry. I've got nothing.

It's weird. It's disgusting. And in a world where you can pick up a food processor for $50 at Target, it's unnecessary!

So why the heck would a mom do this? Maybe she wants attention? I'm hoping?

It has been awhile since we've heard much from her, and the video of feeding time at the Silverstone household showed up on her website The Kind Life along with a description of the mommy/son meal, and her insistence that the little guy loves his eats so much that he busts his little butt to crawl across the room and get a taste.

I don't actually doubt the latter part. Most kids become very fascinated with what their parents want around that age. By 8 months, my daughter was more or less insistent on eating whatever my husband and I were dining on, and she wanted to feed herself. As a working mom who didn't have time to make her own baby food (congrats to those of you who do; I hear it's fab, I just didn't have time), I was relieved.

But I never worried that I should be chewing up her food so she could get it down. Why would I? I'm raising a baby human, not a baby bird.

And because of the beauty of opposable thumbs, I was able to hit my kitchen drawers to make feeding my kid easy. I grabbed a knife or my kitchen scissors -- the world's best invention by the way -- and scattered the food in front of her. She ate her food. I revelled in the delicious freedom of actually being able to eat my own food while it was warm instead of having to be at her beck and call before I got to take a bite out of my eats.

Wait, maybe that's it? Maybe she's not crying for attention so much as she is help. Maybe Alicia is one of those moms who just can't bear that baby Bear is becoming less dependent on his mama? If that's the case, honey, trust me, there are better ways to keep your little mama's boy tied to your apron strings!

Watch Alicia and Bear eating breakfast:

Now come on folks, isn't that a mom crying out for help? Can you think of some better ways for this momma and son to bond? She needs help here people!


Image via thekindlife/YouTube

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