The Most #UnfortunateNames on Twitter

#unfortunatenamesWe live in a very unique age where new parents have a burning desire to give their kids a name that stands out -- sometimes it is literally "Unique." Unlike the 1970s where the goal of our own parents was to have their children fit in (exception: the hippies), you'll be hard pressed to find a John, Michael, or Mary in your baby's Mommy & Me group.

But the trend to be interesting can sometimes go awry. Very, very awry as witnessed in today's Twitter #unfortunatenames trend. Let's take a peek at the victims, shall we?


Why not have a celebrity kick things off with Will Ferrell's (@FillWerrel) very own twitpic evidence of the very unfortunately named: Mike Litoris

@Evil_Dumbledore chimes in by telling Harry Potter to stick with magic, and let someone else name his kids: Albus Severus

Robbin Banks is most definitely a bad name if you're trying to quit the life of crime. Thanks @sharpcoupe

Speaking of the 1970s, @indiaelvins reminds us of the very unfortunately named Engelbert Humperdink.

 @Jaygoodall4L brings us photo evidence as well of: Willie Stroker

@JR_Piff points out that Hitler Williams would be a very unfortunate name.

You wonder what a parent was thinking pulling out Abcde (ab-suh-dee). Do you know @youngdreamer_lt?

It's true, no one wants to be named Dwayne Pipe.

But I'm kind of digging Eugene Dryersheets, thanks @kahjaskiewicz.

@ummelias101 reminds us of all of the fruity celebrity baby names: Apple, Peaches, Blueberry ...

What's the most unfortunate name you've ever heard?

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