Yay! My Baby Claps


There's something you should know about my baby. She's a genius. It all started when she was born. She pooped the right color. She pooped the right number of times. She burped after she ate. And she's been a marvel ever since. Just the other day she started clapping. Clap. Clap. Clap. She claps while she's eating, while I'm changing her diaper, even in her sleep. (I'd like to think she's applauding my excellent parenting skills!) It's so amazing to see her do new things day after day. Things that we as adults take for granted. What new trick is your little genius doing these days?

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Cafe... Cafe Kristen

Dear Suzanne, My baby boy is starting to say actual words. He's parroting me. It's awesome. He's 13 months and he says "applesauce" and "all right." It's okay that he's not sure what they mean. He'll get it soon enough. :) Kristen

Sandr... SandraBeth

Dear Suzanne, My DD will be one on Friday. OMG...how time flies by. Anyways, she is walking, talking in sentences (get it, thank you, got it, thank you, see you), and she is now able to climb on and off of furniture (scary, but awesome).

Squea... Squeaker49201

My son will be 2 on the 24th.  Not to long ago he started saying peace.  I tried to teach him the hand sign too.  He can't quite get it on his own, but he will still put out his hand usually 1st finger down or sort of and say peace cutest thing you ever did see!!!  Just the other day I dropped him off at day care and he says "see ya be ya"  His day care provider had taught him that one its supposed to be See ya wouldn't want to be ya.  But its "see ya be ya" in stead too CUTE!!!!

MaMaL... MaMaLaLa369

my girl will be 10 months on the 19th, and she started walking this weekend!! the first 2-3 days it was just up to 6 steps, and now she's going across the kitchen heading into the living room, and just going! i was looking in a closet today and saw her toddling down the hall after me, and it was hilarious to see her! she's been signing for milk too, which makes me very proud, and i have assumed anytime she grabs her box of wipes that it is time for a diaper change because she always happens to need one then. and, i think she said "kora" the other day, that's our dog. the "k" sound was more of a cross btween a "d" and a "g", but she was walking toward the dog and then stood in front of her and kept on saying it, so i'm going with "kora". i figured the first "word" she said was going to be the dog's name, i swear she cares more for her than me!

nikag... nikagurl5889

My dd just started crawling on her own yesterday. She started clapping about a week ago and pointing a week ago too.Sh's a lil genius too.

TwinM... TwinMomma122304

I have twin daughters that will be 8 months old on the 14th -- they have hit every single milestone pretty much on the same day!  They started crawling, sitting up, and getting from crawling to sitting on their own the weekend they turned 6 months!  When they turned 7 months, they started pulling themselves up to standing (OMGosh!!).  They started clapping last week (one does it ALL the time, while the other one only does it when she thinks no one is looking LOL).  They make my heart want to burst, I'm so proud of them!!  They wave and give kisses, and are such GOOD happy babies!  =) 

GMCmo... GMCmom131

I can't wait for my baby to start clapping. It's so cute! My babies latest accomplishment is that she has figured out to roll not only just because she can, but to actually get to something or to go nite nite. It's so exciting to see your baby putting 2 and 2 together!!

wilda... wildangelc66

 My grandbaby is clapping too..she is 7 months. She also got her first tooth on September 10th and the next day the other one popped in! She waves by-by and dances when she hears music. I get so excited when she does new things...she laughs at me laughing at her! lol

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JayGi... JayGirlsMom

my 13 month old is "talking" up a storm. she says purple, balloon, and this week she is a "buh-buy "sayin fool! it's so fun to watch them learn so much.  last night my mom taught her to say "hot" at the stove and a light, now all day she keeps labeling the stove and our lamps as hot! it's so cute!

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Just reading all these comments makes me so happy. Babies are so fun - I can't wait to see what mine does next. It must be doubly fun for you TwinMomma122304! Are you twice as exhausted? 

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